Posted On: 10/22/18 9:00 AM

Cordova boys’ basketball team scrimmaged on Saturday, with the first team having to score 100 points to win.

Senior forwards Bruce Guy Jr. and Julian Hibbler weren’t in attendance. Guy took an official visit to Iona over the weekend while Hibbler had to sit out because of pain in his chest. Head coach Terrance Scales kept business going as usual, and I was able to watch the players he mentioned to me over the summer that will have a big impact on this team’s success.

There’s no doubt Hibbler and Guy, along with senior wing Andrew Millen, will have to be leaders for the Wolfpack because the backcourt, which is full of gritty sophomores, is so young. Scales mentioned he’s not sure if this Cordova team will be able to score in the 80s or 90s, but Scales is sure about one thing: The Wolfpack will have to be a great defensive team.

Cordova has everything it needs to win another district title. The Wolfpack have depth, which will allow Scales to get all of his younger players’ minutes on the floor.

What will the rotation look like? I’m not sure, but I’m guessing Cordova will be able to go nine, maybe 10 players deep this upcoming season. By what I was able to see from Saturday’s scrimmage, it’s safe to say the Wolfpack will be just fine without their former standout Tyler Harris.

As I have done in the past, I list four observations from the team’s open gym workout.

Here’s what I was able to gather from Cordova’s scrimmage:

Calvin Jennings plays like a post player

Calvin Jennings is a 6-foot-2 sophomore, with the potential to be a solid player once his senior season arrives. Jennings is a transfer from Lausanne Collegiate School where he mainly played in the post. He never had to be the team’s primary ball handler because Alden Applewhite and Sky Forest were in the backcourt.

Under Scales, Jennings will have to turn into a guard. He’s in the early stages of the transformation but made some strides in the scrimmage by knocking down some jump shots and free throws. Jennings doesn’t give up on a play and plays hard on every possession.

RJ Seals looks like a starting point guard

Sophomore point guard RJ Seals didn’t turn the basketball over that much during the scrimmage. That’s one quality a starting point guard has to have. Seals, 5-9, can score the basketball and has a high motor. There’s no telling who will start at point guard, but Seals should be in the mix.

Bryson Potts looks to score

Sophomore guard Bryson Potts is a combo guard in the making. He’s very athletic, with the ability to score from multiple areas on the court. Potts will need to improve on his passing and communication with his teammates. There were moments he didn’t communicate with his teammates during the scrimmage, which led to easy buckets for the other team. Right now, he’s going through the learning curve. He will get there.

Cordova’s 2021 class is loaded

I forgot to mention forwards Jordan and Kendall Hamilton, two transfers from Germantown. I forgot to mention 5-8 sophomore guard Markelrion Hines, a transfer from Booker T. Washington. I forgot to mention true freshman shooting guard Jeff Shaw, who’s 6-2. Add these group of players with Potts, Jennings, and Seals, the Wolfpack could have some of the best players in the state of Tennessee once 2021 gets here.