Posted On: 10/5/18 8:46 PM

Tuscola High School F/C Nate Brafford: Potential is the word that comes to mind when we watched him play, he still has a ways to go but is an interesting prospect. At 6’8 with a nice long wingspan and a soft touch around the basket, he is headed in the right direction development wise without a doubt. Also did a nice job of running the floor and on the defensive side, he protected the paint fairly well.

North Mecklenburg PG Tony Waters: An advanced IQ for his age is one attribute that we liked about him, he made plays for teammates and kept his turnovers very low. He is a strong guard with and without the ball as he moves well off the ball but is dangerous attacking when he has the ball in his hands.

Fort Mill HS Guard Brandon Wingo: He displayed a nice IQ for the game, turning down the good play to make the great play. You hear all the time that certain players have a ‘‘natural feel‘’ for the game, well he is one of those guys. It doesn’t seem as if he is thinking about what he wants to do but instead he allows the game to come to him and he reacts off of what the defenders gives him.

Northside Christian Wing Glen Bynum Jr: We really like what he brings to the table and ho high of a ceiling he has. One of the first things that we noticed about him was how high of a motor he plays the game with. He doesn’t any possessions off and makes all the 50/50 plays that you will want from a player. Skillset wise he’s solid, he can slash to the basket and make athletic plays as well as knocking down outside shots. Last but not least is the toughness he plays with, you won’t see him backing down from any person or any challenge.

Northern Guilford HS G/F Juwelz Hargrove: One of the more entertaining players of the event, he plays the game with an edge to him. Constantly talking to fans, teammates, opponents and coaches, you already know that he loves to play the game and compete. At 6’6 with his skillset he is one to keep an eye on, he can handle the ball, score it multiple levels and defend multiple positions so his versatility is something you should really like.