Posted On: 09/22/18 4:55 PM

Alexander De Leon, Pembroke Pines Charter

The 5-foot-10 guard has the innate feel for the game as a point guard who sees the floor well. At the same time, he’s got an efficient stroke and has thrived with his ability to shoot it on the fly and knockdown tough shots. He’s got what’s become a rare and manipulative move in his mid-range pull-up. The quickness of his shot release is evidenced by his ability to knockdown 3-pointers and get ahead of defenders who gamble on leaving him open. While he still needs to mature physically and establish the strength that will help him stay in front of guards, he showed poise as a controlled offensive operator this summer. Don’t be surprised to see the Class ofn 2022 prospect’s name floating around the rankings systems and pieces canvassing “who’s who” in Palm Beach County soon.

Fransisco Brea, Schoolhouse Prep

The 6-foot Class of 2021 guard has a swagger and a savvy to him. Once he develops more consistency and sheds the feast or famine tendencies, he’s got the chance to be a very special player down the road. He’s adept at guarding both backcourt positions and has a noteworthy component of his game with his first step.

Ryan Davis, Martin County

The well-built 6-foot-3 Class of 2022 guard/forward is your quintessential “safe bet” prospect. This is because his game is so translatable to the varsity level. While he’s spent the last two seasons feasting on lesser competition, Davis showed a workmanlike game and a skill-set that would make him best suited for meaningful varsity minutes from the very beginning.

He possesses a nose for the ball as a hard rebounder who can really spur the transition game fresh off a defensive rebound. Offensively, he’s got a serviceable 15-18 foot jumper. He’s fearless in carving his way to the rim and can manufacture points at the free throw line, as he showed during Palm Beach State camp. Davis’ motor and ability to guard bigger players are intriguing aspects of his beyond his years game. If he can develop a handle and incorporate some ball skills in there, he’s got the potential to author an illustrious four-year career at the program.

Aiden Abell, Coral Springs Charter

The 6-foot-3 Class of 2022 guard has length and a wingspan, components which make his shot very hard to guard at this level. He’s added to his game with a vastly improved motor and knack for interior banging. He’s also improved with his aerial game, which results in his ability to fly in for rebounds and get free for stick backs. In developing his handle, Abell could potentially learn the fundamental intricacies of the point forward position and really put forth a diversified portfolio on both ends of the court. He’s certainly got the opportunity to come in and play meaningful minutes from the start.

Caleb Mackrey, Olympic Heights

The Class of 2022 has the toughness and IQ and tight, low to the ground handle to really epitomize the true point guard role. Defensively, he’s able to apply blanketing pressure fresh from the inbounds pass and is instrumental in enforcing the press. On the other side of the floor, he’s an essential ingredient in breaking the press and really kick-starting the fluid ball movement.

Demetrius Patterson, Miami Beach

The 6-foot-4 guard/forward has some sneaky bounce and an explosiveness to his game. He’s also a multi-positional threat because he can guard the 1-4 and operate with his back to the basket on the offensive end. His short-range jumper helps take the pressure off Miami Beach’s high-scoring guards. Patterson’s ability to ball hawk and cajole opponents into risky passes, which he tends to pick off and spark the break, are notable.

Chamon Metayer, North Miami

A football player by trade, the bruising 6-foot-6 200-pound behemoth is an immovable force in the paint. He’s got an aggressive nature to his game as he barrels through defenses and grabs loose boards. The Class of 2021 product is able to really protect the goal and provide blanketing pressure on the opposing teams frontline. He can score workmanlike hustle points and has improved dramatically at expanding his offensive toolset.