Triangle Challenge Young Talented Prospects

High School
North Carolina

Posted On: 09/16/18 4:29 PM

Big Boy Nation 2022 Wing MJ Rice: The amount of potential that this youngster has is flat out scary, he’s strong and athletic which is something you don’t see on a regular basis from kids his age. He scored the ball at a pretty high level but was impressive on both ends of the floor, plays the game with a nice amount of energy and intensity.

Team Renegades 2021 Guard Zach Sloan: He didn’t have his best shooting day but he stayed engaged and found ways to impact the game besides scoring. His quickness, ball handling skills and overall IQ for the game allowed him to make plays for teammates at a nice rate, as the day went on he started to find his rhythm from outside at a decent rate.

Royal Knights 2021 Nick Green: He was a worker inside the paint, constantly crashing the boards on the offensive and defensive ends. His ability to defend multiple positions is what makes him a valuable asset to his squad, he can play against bigger players or step out and contain wing/guards. They always say that you need a player on your team that doesn’t mind doing the dirty work, and he is that player for them.

Team Renegades 2022 Teriq Rouse: One of the smaller but guards that we got the chance to see throughout the day but he plays the game with nice tempo. Also has a knack for finding different ways to score the ball, he knocked down some treys as well using the floater to score over taller opponents.

Team Renegades 2021 Logan Wheeler: Was solid playing his role for the squad, he moved well without the ball and picked his spot with where he wanted to get his offense. An efficient shooter that has good mechanics, he’s one that you don’t have to really run plays for, his constant movement wears out a defender and presents him with some opportunities to score.

Juice All-Stars 2021 Guard Jalen McDonald: You have to love the upside and potential of this youngster, he’s about 6’4-6’5 with freakish athletic ability and upside that has D1 programs already watching closely. Add in the fact that he can score the ball at a high level and has the tools to be an outstanding defender and you have a prospect who could see a ton of schools jump on board over the next few years.