Posted On: 09/5/18 5:51 AM

The Triangle Challenge league is back again, this time it’s the fall league that will be beginning this Saturday in Raleigh. Games will begin at 9am with JV teams playing up until 12pm when Henderson Collegiate and Teen Center match up for the first varsity game. This league is a great opportunity for programs to get a chance to play in a preseason type of format as well as players playing in a competitive environment prior to their high school seasons. Some of the teams that you will get to see are: Juice All-Stars, WOGCA, The Royal Knights, Team Believe, Raleigh Elite and even some new teams that are sure to bring in some firepower.  Of course we don’t have our hands on the official rosters yet but we have a pretty good idea of who will be playing so we will take a look at a few players you can expect to see this season.

2019 Guard DJ Thomas: Was dominant in the Summer League playoffs and will look to do the same throughout the fall league. He’s quick, athletic, can score the ball in bunches and plays the game with an intensity that you have to love.

2020 Guard Kalib Mathews: We got a chance to see him this summer at the College Prospect Combine and with him being a part of the Royal Knights squad, we expect him to be on their roster without a doubt. He can score the ball at a nice level and has a really smooth game with a nice overall skillset, will be on to keep an eye on.

2019 Wing Max Farthing: With his height and ability to shoot the ball, it is still a head scratcher as to why his recruitment has been a bit quiet. He did pick up some D1 interest while playing with Juice All-Stars this summer and colleges may want to drop in to see him personally before he blows up and it’s too late.

2019 Guard DJ Robertson: We aren’t exactly sure who he will be suiting up for but we won’t be surprised to see him in the building and on a squad. He’s an up-tempo guard that has proven himself as a legitimate D1 guys, will be on tap for a big time senior season at Athens Drive.

2019 Forward CK Everett: The high flying Forward is one that fans will want to drop in and see without a doubt, as of now he has our vote for the player with the highest vertical in the state. On both ends of the floor he makes impressive plays above the rim and always has the crowd hyped up, high energy player.