Triangle Challenge: Class of 2020 Standouts Part 2

High School
North Carolina

Posted On: 09/18/18 7:30 PM

Word of God Guard Chase Forte: Early on in the game he made a few mistakes but he bounced back in a major way in the second half. His numbers won’t necessarily jump out to you but if you watched closely you could see the amount of impact that he had on the game just by making the correct play and giving max effort on each possession.

Royal Knights Guard Kalib Matthews: This young fella is serious! If you didn’t know already, he has a gift for scoring the ball with ease but also give the same amount of effort on the defensive end of the floor. Offensively he got to where he wanted and scored at a high level throughout the day, he knocks down the trey ball at a high rate but doesn’t just settle for jumpers.

Bulldogs Forward Todd Burtt: Has a nice skillset and upside to him but will need to increase his intensity on a consistent basis. With that being said, he has a chance to be really good when he is locked in on the court, versatility is one of the things that makes him standout.

Royal Knights Guard Kameron Brooks: There is a lot to like about him and he is an intruging prospect for sure, he has nice height for a player running the PG spot which allows him to see over and make plays over smaller guards. His passing ability was on display as he made sure to get all of his teammates going before looking to get his own offense. He gets into the paint well and makes good reads on secondary decisions, nice showing from this youngster.

Team Renegades Wing Luke Sales: He is somewhat raw at this point but he has some solid potential in his game, physically he has a long wingspan and looks like he will be able to add some muscle. Skillset wise he can knock down shots at a good level, he doesn’t need a ton of time or a ton of space to get going.

Royal Knights Wing Will Toman: One of the better shooters on the day, he was solid moving without the ball and staying within the flow of the team offense. Overall was pretty efficient with the touches he got, solid performer and one to keep an eye on.