Posted On: 09/17/18 3:03 PM

Juice All-Stars 2020 Forward Saiquone Harris: We like the improvement that we have seen from him since we saw him at Fall League last year. He seems to be comfortable on the floor and knows how to play to his strength and what benefits the squad. His height and rebounding are things that will clearly translate to the next level as well as his shot blocking ability and the energy he plays with. It was a pleasant surprise for us as well to see him knocking down the outside shot with confidence and solid shooting mechanics.

Big Boy Nation 2020 Forward/Center Jaylon Gibson: One of the tallest players on the court for the day, he is more of a new age type of big man. He has a slim physical and is not necessarily a player that you would like to play in the post, instead he made some plays from midrange and displayed a soft touch offensively. Once he adds some more to his body muscle wise, we expect colleges to really take notice of what he can do.

Word of God 2020 Forward Josiah Shackleford: He picked up some early fouls so we didn’t get to see him a ton but we like what he brings to the table. Another player that can be physical in the paint and has the potential to be a legit double/double guy if he is locked in and makes the high IQ plays, should have a nice junior season for WOG.

Big Boy Nation 2020 Wing Keeyan Itejere: Another player that is still figuring things out but has some nice upside to him. His situation is more in regards to a growth spurt that he has had recently so he is now looking to regain his coordination. The athletic ability he has is pretty evident as he came up with some blocks above the rim on the defensive end, once he puts everything together, he can be a solid player.

Word of God 2020 Guard BJ Freeman: A lot to like in what we saw from this young man, he has the ability to score the ball in bunches and plays with confidence. The size he has makes him a very intriguing prospect at the Guard spot and we feel as though this season at WOG could be a big time year for him as far as production and recruitment.