Posted On: 09/16/18 4:40 PM

Teen Center 2019 Guard DJ Thomas: We didn’t see much of him due to our arrival time but as soon as we walked in the gym, he was attempting poster dunks on players. One of the smallest players that you will see in the area, he doesn’t back down to any challenges and is a player that we know for a fact will make a college coach happy in the future.

Juice All-Stars 2019 Guard DJ Robertson: Fresh off a visit from Winthrop, DJ came into this game aggressive from the beginning and showing why so many D1 programs are interested. He is a quick and crafty guard that will create all types of headaches for you when he is coming at you with a head full of steam.

Word of God 2019 Wing Max Farthing: In the first half of the game we watched he was absolutely on fire, he cooled off in the 2nd half but there is still a ton to like about what this young man brings to the table. He’s about 6’5-6’6 and once he gets hot, he is automatic from deep, so clearly you can see why we are saying that a college program that needs a player that can a help team stretch the floor should be paying him a visit.

Big Boy Nation 2019 Wing Tim Pettiford: We like what Tim brings to the table each time we get the chance to see him play. He is not going to take plays off, can score it at a nice rate and more importantly does a lot of the things that it takes to help his team win. He gets nice lift on his jump shot and does a good job of keeping the game simple offensively, you won’t see him dribbling too much or forcing plays.

Juice All-Stars 2019 Forward Kharye Cayne: One of the more intruding prospects that we saw throughout the day, you can tell that he still has a ton of upside left but is a legit college prospect already. His height (6’9) and wingspan catch your attention almost immediately, he uses those tools to block shots and rebound the ball at a high rate.

Juice All-Stars 2019 Guard David Murphy: Displayed a nice IQ throughout the game as well as some flashes of how good he can be. Has the tools to be a solid PG on the next level such as: Ball control, IQ, passing, length and the ability to knock down shots.