Posted On: 09/5/18 8:00 AM

Otis Frazier vs DaRon Holmes

The biggest takeaway from the TR3 Hoops Summit came from this match up between Otis Frazier and DaRon Holmes. Both of these players are at the top of their respective classes but that is not why I was intrigued. Once tip-off underwent, I noticed these two matched up against one another. I questioned the match up because I did not know how Holmes would do defensively against Frazier. However, I was pleasantly proven wrong and surprised at how well Holmes was able to stay with Frazier up and down the court. Holmes did a great job in the perimeter guarding Frazier. While Frazier turned in 25 points, the majority came off of put backs, fast breaks, and capitalizing on the screen switch. Frazier deserves a lot of credit for turning in 25 points against Holmes, he changed up his strategy and sought out other ways he could score and be effective, major props to that young man.

Zay On-Tay Boothman vs Trent Hudgens

These two guards absolutely shot the lights out! They competed against each other until the final buzzer sounded and made it their mission to one up each other. Boothman would hit a 3 and then Hudgens would come down and hit one of his own, back and forth back and forth. These two really impressed me with their competitive spirit and with how well they played. Boothman ended with 25 points while Hudgens turned in 20. 

Xavier Dusell

Dusell had a slow day for sure, not shooting the ball as effectively as he normally does. However, he still finished with 15 points. How many high school players can turn in a 15 point game and still have that be considered a slow day? This just speaks to how offensively gifted Dusell is and I really liked that he continued to play even though his shot wasn’t falling as it normally does.