Posted On: 09/30/18 9:34 PM

There were plenty of talented shooters at the Reynolds League Finals last weekend in Oklahoma City. Of the players I was able to watch, these shooters stood out the most:

Jordan Thompson 2020 Southmoore (OKC Treyway)

Jordan Thompson has established himself as one of the top shooters in the Oklahoma City Metro. He was named the OKC MVP of the Reynolds League, and there are plenty of reasons why; one is his shooting.

Christian Cook Midwest City (OKC Green)

Christian Cook was awarded the best shooter in the OKC Reynolds League. His ability to handle the ball and get to the rack make him such a versatile threat that his shooting is wide open in many cases. He has a quick release and can pull up off the dribble which only adds to the mix.

Devante Robinson Destiny Christian (OKC Wolfpack)

Devante Robinson’s shooting ability commands guys to face guard him from deep, pretty quick into a game. Good ball handling helps him get those open shots. He’s a guy that is scary and that you, as a defender, always have to consider where he’s at on the floor; even from way behind the arch.

Evan Sadler Metro Christian (Tulsa freeway)

Evan Sadler is a really tall guy and may almost remind you of a Kevin Durant-type figure (may not be the most flattering compliment to a kid from Oklahoma). He can pull up from deep, with guys in his face, off the dribble, and splash it on a regular basis.

Ethan Ganaway Midwest City (OKC Green)

Ethan Ganaway was one of the best spot-up guys on hand at the Reynolds League Final. Ganaway can hit deep 3’s from far outside of the line. Part of this is because he’s such a threat to drive into the lane that defenders have a tough time figuring out how to guard him.

Ethan Cole 2020 Collinsville (Tulsa Red)

Ethan Cole is a high-accuracy shooter and really likes the corners. He was a danger to hit shots with contest. When he gets hot, he can go off for quite a few 3’s in any game, and he displayed that ability last weekend.