Posted On: 09/30/18 10:02 PM

To keep our season previews going, we will be looking at the best returning duos and trios in each class. We continue, we look at our top returning sophomore duos. This is Part III. This list is in no particular order.

Ben Jones and Kyle Ross (Andrean)

Ross is a guy who is going to get a lot better once he becomes more aggressive. He has good football and is able to score and rebound. Ross is a very versatile player for Andrean and will only become more dangerous this year. Jones is going to have a good year for them this year. He is a good complement to Ross as a shooter last year.

Luke Fowler and Miles McGowen (Mooresville)

Mooresville was sneaky good last year and a lot of that success was pinned on a few underclassmen.  Both of these guys are forwards but Fowler is more of an undersized guy. He will grow quite a bit more as well which will help him with development. McGowan is more of an inside guy and he has the ability to score well with his right hand.

Kooper Jacobi and Trey Kaufman (Silver Creek)

Jacobi and Kaufman are probably the most undercooked duo on this list. Kaufman is a guy who is still growing but is already up to 6’5 and very skilled. He is still raw but he is going to show improvement this year. Jacobi is a guy who is a really solid piece as he is strong and skilled. He is going to turn some heads this winter with an uptick in scoring.

Adam O’Dell and Douglas Konieczny (SB Saint Joseph)

O’Dell is a very good post at this point in his development as he can post up or face up and take defenders to the rim. He can really overwhelm defenders with his strength. Konieczny is a guy who is already really special and will get better. Long and lanky wing who is able to get hot while shooting the ball.