Posted On: 09/30/18 8:14 PM

To keep our season previews going, we will be looking at the best returning duos and trios in each class. We continue, we look at our top returning sophomore duos. This is Part I, be on the lookout for Part II and III coming soon. This list is in no particular order.

Connor Hickman and Joseph Bomba (Bloomington South)

Hickman and Bomba will play off of each other really well this year. Hickman is a guard who has gotten much taller in the last year and Bomba is a long wing who is really able to shoot it well from deep. Hickman shoots it really well too, and they are going to cause a lot of trouble for opposing teams this year

Luke Lacey and Pierce Thomas (Brownsburg)

Lacey is a guard who is going to play tough on both ends of the floor. He is a good rebounder and Brownsburg is really going to be able to use him as a tough guard. Thomas is the most athletic guy in the state and can jump out of the gym. He can run with the ball and his offense is developing. He is a very high ceiling player.

Andrew Carlton and Khristian Lander (Evansville Reitz)

These two guys are going to be the leaders for Evansville Reitz for the next three years. Carlton is an advanced guard with the ability to score the ball a ton. He is 6’2 so he creates matchup problems all over the field. Lander is a dominant player as he scores whenever he wants. A high major player who is going to score as much as he wants this year.

Curt Hopf and Simon Jacob (Forest Park)

Hopf is one of the most skilled big men in the state regardless of class. He is able to score at the rim and a solid rebounder. He isn’t as mobile yet but that will come. Jacob is a smaller wing who can shoot the ball. He is going to have to be the one who stretches it out and helps take some pressure off of Hopf.

Jermaine Woods and Michael Eley (Fort Wayne Snider) 

Eley really impressed this summer and he is going to be a huge factor for Snider. He is very athletic and has the ball handling to break his man down and take it to the rim. Eley is going to be a guy to watch in the northern part of the state. Woods is a mobile forward who is starting to be able to stretch it out a bit. He will look to take a bit of pressure off of Eley this winter.