Posted On: 09/23/18 3:36 PM

To keep our season previews going, we will be looking at the best returning duos and trios in each class. We continue, we look at our top returning junior duos. This is Part II of the best returning duos.  This list is in no particular order.

Charlie Peterson and John Stroke (North Central)

Peterson and Stroke are both tall forwards but have a very different style of play. Peterson is more of a guy who stays out on the wing where he can create for himself and shoot the ball pretty well. Stroke is a guy who looks to stay mostly on the inside and score in the paint. He can go outside a little bit but prefers to stay in the paint. Stroke is a good rebounder while Peterson doesn’t play inside enough to rebound the ball.

Gunnar Vanetta and Anthony Scales (Zionsville)

Vanetta and Scales are two key parts to Zionsville’s offense. Vanetta is a guy who is able to rebound the ball pretty well as a big body on the inside. He will have to become more aggressive this year as he looks to add some offense to his game. Scales is a wing who is able to shoot the ball at a pretty good clip and is great in the midrange. This year they will play off each other and be a good outlet to Thompson’s attention.

Mitchell Wirts and Noah Shook (Indianapolis Homeschool)

Wirts and Shook are two guys that many people around the state have not heard of. Wirts is a small forward who plays the role of a stretch four and does that pretty well. He is able to shoot the outside shot and plays tough. Shook is a player who can fire off a shot from anywhere on the floor. He is very dangerous once he gets the ball on the catch and if he misses Wirts is right there to clean it up.

DeMarcus Vaughn and Jylen Petty (South Bend Washington)

Both of these guys are big strong players who are able to score the ball. Vaughn is a guard who is probably going to move farther off the ball. He’s a guy who is very tough at the rim but lacks some creativity to score the ball right now. Petty is a guy who has tons of upside right now and is looking to create opportunities with his length. These two guys are going to be paramount for South Bend Washington this year.

Jacob Jones and Tre Coleman (Jeffersonville)

Coleman is one of the best juniors in the state and plays primarily in the post right now. He is a guy who is going to score but will start to move out towards the perimeter at some point. Jones is the guy who gets Coleman the ball as he is an undersized point guard who is good at getting through the floor in transition. Not a huge scorer right now but will grow into it with his high releasing shot. Coleman plays off of the transition of Jones.