Posted On: 09/28/18 11:27 PM

We highlight the top returning steal leaders in the 2020 class from last year. These guys led the 2020 class in steals per game and come back this year and look to push their totals even higher. They were the best in the 2020 class at making the offense turn over the ball. There are some missing players as some statistics from players were not uploaded to 

De’Andre Coleman (South Bend Career Academy) – 6’2 SG – 3.6 SPG

Coleman had a ton of steals last year and led the sophomore class. Despite probably never hearing of his school, they did play a pretty good 1A schedule. Coleman is a guy who loves to get his hands into the passing lanes and tip balls away. He is a long guard who is only going to get more steals this year. 

Johnell Davis (Gary 21st Century) – 6’2 SG – 2.9 SPG

Davis was the beneficiary to the fast paced game that 21st Century plays. Because of this Davis was able to get a ton of steals, mostly on plays in the full court as 21st Century sometimes pressed slower teams. With a few key graduations, steals may be a little harder to come by for Davis.

Trenton Daughtry (Wabash) – 5’11 PG – 2.6 SPG

Daughtry is your typical point guard. He knows how to score, pass, and play defense. He is very heady and you can tell that he knows where to be on the floor at all times.He is able to get steals by baiting offensive players to throw bad passes and then picking them off.

Capone Johnson (Eastbrook) – 5’11 PG – 2.5 SPG

Johnson has found his way onto a lot of these lists so we know he is a game changer for Eastbrook. Johnson is a quick guard with some length who really is able to smack the ball away from the offensive player when he is playing on ball defense. A solid guard to lead your team on both sides of the ball.

Rowen Farrell (McCutcheon) – 6’1 SG – 2.5 SPG

Farrell is a guy who is a smart defender and knows when to take his chances to steal the ball. He has a high IQ and really knows where to be on defense. This year, McCutcheon is going to need him to step up even more as the gruduation of a few key players will hurt them offensively.

Jared Beckler (Indiana School for the Deaf) – 6’1 SG – 2.5 SPG

Beckler is a do it all guy for Indiana Deaf. He shows up on a lot of these lists which shows us how good he really is. He is such a smart player and he has the ability to change a game in many different ways. Beckler has quick hands and that allows him to change the game in many different ways.