Posted On: 09/23/18 9:46 PM

We highlight the top returning rebounders in the 2020 class from last year. These guys led the 2020 class in rebounds per game and come back this year and look to push their rebounding totals even higher. There are some missing players as some statistics from players were not uploaded to 

Carson Barrett (Lafayette Central Catholic) – 6’3 SF – 10.5 RPG

Barrett is a do-it-all player for Lafayette Central Catholic. He is such a strong player that he is able to get rebounds from any spot on the floor. He has the ball in his hands a ton and once it leaves, he crashes toward the rim. Barrett can score off of offensive rebounds as well.

Noah Hupmann (Evansville Day) – 6’10 C – 9.8 RPG

Hupmann is a tall and thin center who moves pretty well to get himself in position to grab rebounds. He has just enough strength to get rebounds off the rim. Hupmann will explode his rebounding totals once he adds a little more weight on his frame.

Kiyron Powell (Evansville Bosse) – 6’8 C – 8.9 RPG

Powell is a fast rising center prospect who in the last year has gained a couple offers. He is gaining a ton of skills very fast and has really grown a ton over the past year. He is so long he just pulls rebounds off the rim. He is only going to get better rebounding as he gains skill.

Rafe Garrett (Cannelton) – 6’2 SF – 8.1 RPG

Garrett is the shortest player on this list but that doesn’t make him any less of a rebounder. Garrett is a key guy for Cannelton’s success. He grabbed double digit rebounds in eight games last year and had a high of 18. Look for Garrett to continue his rebounding success.

Anthony Williams (Providence Cristo Rey) – 6’7 PF – 7.8 RPG

Williams is a guy who is able to set the tone for Providence Cristo Rey both scoring the ball and rebounding it. Williams is a guy who is tough going after the ball and high points it in the air. He has a high basketball IQ and seems to be in the right spot every time. 

Nathan Dukich (Lake Station) – 6’5 PF – 7.4 RPG

Dukich may be one of the best offensive rebounders in the state. He brought down 74 offensive rebounds on top of 104 defensive rebounds. Dukich looks to pass the ball back out hen he brings in a rebound but this year should take a step toward scoring off of them.

Keegan O’Neill (Barr-Reeve) – 6’8 PF – 7.4 RPG

O’Neill is the post presence for Barr-Reeve. O’Neill is a thick forward who is pretty agile and has a ton of strength. He gets himself into good position to grab shots coming off the rim and then is able to push it. Look for O’Neill’s rebounds to increase with a faster pace this year.

Braden Jenkins (North Harrison) – 6’4 PF – 7.4 RPG

Jenkins pulled in a ton of rebounds last year and he grabbed an offensive rebound in every contest last year but one. Jenkins knows how to use his body to get position on the floor and once he does he can’t really be stopped. Jenkins is looking to improve his stock this winter.

Deontae Craig (Culver Academy) – 6’3 SF – 7.3 RPG

Craig is a thick wing who grabs a ton of rebounds for Culver. He was a key part in the state championship that Culver brought home last year due to his rebounding and toughness. A very good football player and he brings that toughness to the court as well.

Cleveland Neal (Bowman Academy) – 6’4 SF – 7.1 RPG

Neal is a tough wing who is able to get a ton of rebounds because he is such a big body. Neal is able to grab rebounds that others can’t because he is so quick to the ball. His combination of power and speed really sets himself apart from the others.