Posted On: 09/16/18 9:41 PM

We highlight the top returning steal leaders in the 2019 class from last year. These guys led the 2019 class in steals per game and come back this year and look to push their totals even higher. They were the best in the 2019 class at making the offense turn over the ball. There are some missing players as some statistics from players were not uploaded to 

John Parker III (Lighthouse Christian Academy) – 6’3 SG – 4.0 SPG

Parker returns as the leading steal getter in the 2019 class. He had 95 steals last year to lead everyone in the state. Parker is a long guard who gets his hands in the passing lane. Offensive players aren’t used to having someone as long and lanky as Parker is defending them. Parker could pretty easily repeat as the top guy in steals this year as he is going to be able to cause a lot of havoc.

Sam Skaggs (Logansport) – 5’11 SG – 3.6 SPG

Skaggs continues to see his name on the top of the leaderboards. Skaggs is a guy who is always up in your face so that he can create points for himself and others on the offensive end. He loves to take chances and go for steals and generally it works out for him as evidenced by his 79 steals and only 61 fouls. Skaggs will continue to look to steal the ball as he starts into his senior year.

Brent Wireman (Kouts) – 5’9 PG – 3.5 SPG

Wireman is a quick guard who is pretty stout. He reads the passing lanes pretty well and loves to get his hands into the lane. Wireman is a high IQ player who doesn’t back down from anyone which lets him body up his offensive man and force turnovers. He is a guy that is going to be looking to create havoc on defense this year as his offensive game continues to grow.

Harold Bennett (Attucks) – 5’10 PG – 3.3 SPG

Bennett gets a ton of steals every game due to the defense that Attucks runs. They love to press and Bennett is at the top of that press which allowing him to use his speed to get in the passing lanes. Attucks is a team who goes full speed at all times and Bennett is one of the guys who looks to outwork everyone else. His vision on the court is solid allowing him to get tons of steals.

Lanson Jones (Anderson Prep Academy) – 5’10 PG – 3.2 SPG

Jones has led his team in steals the past two year and this upcoming season looks to be the same. He’s a small guard who gets so low to the ground he can wrap his hand into the offensive players space and knock the ball loose. He is a very solid on ball defender and the more uncomfortable he makes the offense the more steals he will rack up. A very good defender who makes life tough for offenses.