Posted On: 09/16/18 10:41 PM

We highlight the top returning shot blockers in the 2019 class from last year. These guys led the 2019 class in blocks per game and come back this year and look to push their totals even higher. They were the best in the 2019 class at blocking shots. There are some missing players as some statistics from players were not uploaded to 

Spencer Sroufe (Whitko) – 6’7 PF – 3.7 BPG

Sroufe is a long forward prospect who likes to play on the outside offensively but can more than hold his own on the inside. He has really good instincts which allows him to block almost any shot that comes into the lane. He will block even more shots this year as he has gotten to the point where he has added strength and has gotten quicker.

Matt Dove (Princeton) – 6’8 PF – 3.4 BPG

Dove, an Army commit, is an elite shot blocker who has the ability to swat away everything that comes into the lane. He has very long arms which keep offensive players guessing as to whether to shoot it or pass it. Dove has a knack for getting to the ball handler and then making a block on the ball.

Mawich Kachjaani (International) – 6’10 C – 2.1 BPG

Kachjaani should lead the state in blocks but because he is so big, no one really comes into the lane when they play International. He gets in good position and will block pretty much everything within five feet of him because he is so tall. Kachjaani is a guy that could very easily have five blocks a game if players would test him.

Noah Jordan (Indianapolis Metropolitan) – 6’6 PF – 2.0 BPG

Jordan is a very athletic wing for Metro. He uses his athleticism to swat shots on unsuspecting offensive players. He uses his speed to chase down players and swat their shots from behind. Jordan uses his long arms to get up in the shot of the offensive players and he is tough to stop when he is timing shots well.

QuRan Howard-Clement (Marion) – 6’7 PF – 2.0 BPG

Howard-Clement is a guy who runs with a high motor and is very aggressive at trying to block shots. This year for Marion he could be a guy who ups his block number by a lot since they are going to try and run even more. Howard-Clement is not a very well known player since he doesn’t score a ton but his defense and shot blocking is top notch.