Posted On: 09/15/18 3:05 PM

We highlight the top returning rebounders in the 2019 class from last year. These guys led the 2019 class in rebounds per game and come back this year and look to push their rebounding totals even higher. There are some missing players as some statistics from players were not uploaded to 

Mawich Kachjaani (International) – 6’10 C – 14.3 RPG

Kachjaani is one of the best dual threat players in the state. He is able to score the ball at a high clip but is also able to rebound better than anyone in the state. He high points the ball and uses his massive body to easily move others out of the way so he can get the ball. No one in the state is a better rebounder than him and he showcases that every night.

Mason Gillis (New Castle) – 6’7 PF – 12.2 RPG

Gillis is a supremely athletic forward who is committed to Purdue. He is a guy who battles for rebounds and is athletic enough to be able to squeeze himself into the lane to grab boards. He is going to jump higher than most everyone else which allows him to snatch the rebounds while they are still high in the air allowing himself to get everything he sees.

Gavin Bollman (Greencastle) – 6’5 PF – 11.8 RPG

Bollman is a tough nosed forward for Greencastle. He is always hustling for the ball and against the competition he plays, the hustler usually gets the rebounds. He puts himself in good spots to receive the ball off the rim and once he has it in sight he is usually the one who is going to get the ball. A guy who is looking to make a name for himself this upcoming year.

Noah Jordan (Indy Metropolitan) – 6’6 PF – 11.0 RPG

Jordan is a bouncy forward with the ability to score the ball on the offensive end after rebounding the ball. He has a very high motor and battles every time a shot goes up. Jordan has very soft hands and when the ball comes in contact with him he will bring it in. A guy who has the opportunity to rebound a ton this year as he has only gotten stronger.

Jalen Johnson (Manual) – 6’8 PF – 10.9 RPG

Last year, Johnson had a 6’9 guy with him inside to battle for rebounds with. This year he is going to be the lone post presence on his team so we look for his rebounding totals to increase. Look for him to become more aggressive while going for the ball and bring down more rebounds this year since he has less competition on his own team for them.

Spencer Sroufe (Whitko) – 6’7 PF – 10.1 RPG

Sroufe’s offensive ability usually is the showcase to his game but he is a very good rebounder as well. Sroufe is a thin forward who needs to add a little weight to his frame but is very active and mobile. He is a guy who will dictate the game for Whitko this year due to some graduations. He is going to be able to rebound the ball all he wants this year as he is going to be the star player.

Max Newman (Monrovia) – 6’7 PF – 9.8 RPG

Newman is a mobile forward prospect who likes to play on the inside and outside. He is best when he is inside using his height and skill to get rebounds off of offensive misses and put them back up. Newman could have a huge output this year if he is able to play more on the inside within the paint. Could put Monrovia on his back and lead them to big things this year.

Shawn Michaelis (Eminence) – 6′ SG – 9.5 RPG

Michaelis is the lone guard on this list. Michaelis plays for the very small Emincence High School and because of that he has to do it all for his team. Last year, he had some huge rebounding totals in a few games as he attacks the basket and is able to fend off other players for rebounds. Michaelis will grow his rebounding total this year due to his ability to force himself into position.

Nate Childress (Zionsville) – 6’5 PF – 9.5 RPG

Chidress is a versatile forward who has started to play more on the perimeter. He has great instincts that allow him to crash the boards from the outside and corral rebounds. He is a high flyer who can throw down put back dunks over anyone in the state. Childress is going to put up big numbers because he will be seeing more of the court this year after getting much better over the summer.

Braeden Beard (Tell City) – 6’6 C – 9.1 RPG

Beard is an enormously strong inside man for Tell City. He has gotten even stronger over the summer months and for teams that have to fend off Beard that is not a good sign. He is sneaky athletic and will really sky for the rebounds. He gets great position on the inside and is strong enough to take on two guys at once. With another year under his belt Beard should be able to increase his rebounding totals.