Posted On: 09/20/18 9:37 AM

In an environment where everybody is sure they’re the guy who should handle the ball for their team, these nine point guards are the players you actually wanted with the rock  — the top point guards from Sunday’s Prep Hoops Top 250 Expo.

Simon Blair (2020), 5’10”, South Central

Blair is blossoming into a three-level scorer, in turn a guy who puts immense pressure on the defense. It’s fun to watch him balance the scoring act with his distribution of the ball but he’s definitely turned into a guy who establishes scoring ability early. He scores at the rim and in mid-range with a use of head-fakes to penetrate and unexpected power to shove off opponents. Blair, then, draws enough eyeballs to eventually open up passing lanes.

On every other metric besides height, Blair is one of the best point guards in his class. If he falls to a Division III program because of size it would be an incredible steal.

Josiah Mobley (2021), 5’11”, Reynoldsburg

Mobley seems to still be figuring out his quickness, length, speed, and handle — all tools that will allow him to be effective soon. Currently, he is intent on breaking defenders down in one-on-one situations. He often gets guys off-balanced, however, too often settles for tough shots in those moments. Once Mobley simplifies the game he’ll be ready to start in the Ohio Capital Conference and grab the attention of college coaching staffs.

Jordan Soyars (2019), 6’0”, Barberton

Soyars took on the role of distributor Sunday. He proved capable of scoring last season at Barberton, but he used his shifty ball-handling and basketball IQ to make plays for others throughout the day. As one of the best ball-handlers in the gym, Soyars had no problem probing in the mid-range, waiting for a teammate to cut before he zipped a pass into their chest. Soyars’ pace and rhythm were aggressive even if his scoring mentality wasn’t.  

Caleb Wallis (2020), 5’6”, Jackson

Wallis knows how to be in control. In terms of controlling the team as a whole, Wallis came out in the first game and his energy was on point. He was the encourager of the ball club, verbally urging them to get stops or a good look before the possession was underway. He also developed immediate two-man chemistry with CJ Napier, a 6’4” senior wing from Bishop Fenwick who was one of the top prospects on hand. The Napier connection speaks to Wallis’s command of the basketball. He always grasps the entire floor and is able to deliver passes to the open man consistently.  

Kaden Warner (2021), 5’11”, Gamble Montessori

We saw a new approach from Warner, who is typically a score-first combo guard. Instead, Warner used his space-creating talent to lull the defense into a malaise, before dropping dimes to open teammates. He just seemed to see the game differently than he did this summer — Warner played with a chip on his shoulder at the 16U level, out to prove himself as a bucket getter every game. As his IQ and efficiency continues to rise, so will his stock.


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