Posted On: 09/9/18 12:00 PM

The role of “floor general” has evolved into a full-time responsibility within the game of basketball. NBA greats such as Steve Nash, Stephen Curry, and LeBron James — among others — have popularized this style of play. Within the 405 area code, these are the top floor generals in no order:

Jett Sternberger 2019 Kingfisher Point Guard

Jett Sternberger has established himself as one of the top guards in the Oklahoma 2019 class. Staring his senior season in the face, Sternberger will have the opportunity to further solidify his name among the top shooters in Oklahoma. His ability to create shots off the dribble is special and helps the Yellowjackets to be a force in Class 4A. Sternberger’s shooting talents open up shot opportunities for his teammates as Sternberger is also a seasoned passer, possessing great vision offensively.

Micah Thomas 2019 Putnam City North Point Guard (Pictured)

Micah Thomas, our no. 6 player in the Oklahoma 2019 class, is an especially lethal finisher at the rim. He plays with a lot of finesse both in the way he scores and the way he manages the offense. He makes great passes and can fill up a state sheet with assists. He is difficult to guard as he is a threat from anywhere on the floor to shoot, drive or dish.

Parker Clarida 2019 Edmond Memorial Point Guard 

Parker Clarida is a talented scorer and shoots the ball well from mid-range. He has a good change of direction and can attack the rim and score at a high rate, especially in transition. Clarida is a good passer and can elevate the play of players around him. He brings out the best of his team when he is on the floor.

Jordan Thompson 2020 Southmoore Point Guard


Jordan Thompson blossomed into one of the top young point guards in the OKC metro in his sophomore campaign. Thompson is a gifted shooter and ball-handler. He has a keen awareness of where to play on the floor and has great vision. 

Moun’Tae Edmundson 2019 Centennial Point Guard 

Moun’Tae Edmundson has pushed his stock well this summer with Game Changers Blue. He has displayed and developed his talents, including his ball-handling, shooting, and ability to lead. He has exceptional quickness and is able to guard and limit opposing guards on the defensive end.

CJ Rice 2019 Northwest Classen Point Guard 

 CJ Rice is a by-any-means-necessary type guy for Northwest Classen. He is delicate enough to penetrate into the lane and get a bucket off a euro-step or any variant of it bur can also spot up and knock down 3-pointers. Rice’s prowess extends to both sides of the floor as well. At 6-foot-3, he has a slightly larger frame than your average one-role, and is difficult to make things happen against offensively.

Donovan Vickers 2020 Edmond Santa Fe Point Guard

This summer, Donovan Vickers showed that he can do a lot of things well with the ball in his hands, including managing an offense and moving the ball to where it needs to be. He is a fast, athletic guard with good handles and a high IQ. Vickers showed many samples of his talents in his sophomore season, but will have every opportunity to take his game to a whole new level this year as he steps into a bigger role for Edmond Santa Fe.

Nate Goodlow 2020 Del City Point Guard

Nate Goodlow is one of the more explosive guards you’ll see. During the July live period, he showed that his name belongs among the top guards in the OKC area. He comes down like a freight train when he attacks the rim and grabs rebounds like a forward. He has a high motor and can sustain a high level of play longer than most of the players around him. Goodlow has good vision on both ends of the floor and the energy he brings to the floor is bound to wreak havoc on the game management of the opposing squad.

Bijan Cortes 2021 Kingfisher Point Guard 

Bijan Cortes has a knack for making others around him better, above everything. His vision may be his greatest skill, but he does most things very well offensively. He is an explosive scorer and is able to get to the rim or shoot. Don’t be caught by surprise if you show up to a Kingfisher game this season and see Cortes throw down a dunk.

Landry Harris 2021 Edmond North Point Guard 

Landry Harris is looking to have a breakout year for Edmond North this season. Best known for playing with a chip-on-his-shoulder mentality, Harris combines his basketball IQ with his high motor to be a dangerous catalyst for team success on the floor.

Jaden Bray 2021 Norman Point Guard 

Jaden Bray will look to make an impact at Norman High School in his sophomore season after transferring from Edmond North, where he played his freshman year. Bray is a talented mind for his age with an exceptional Basketball IQ. Offensively, he allows the game to come to him and then attacks at the best opportunity. He can shoot and score off the drive or kick the ball out to a shooter. He is good at creating shots, both for himself and for teammates.

JD Ray 2019 Midwest City Point Guard 

Jaden “JD” Ray plays with a high motor on both ends of the floor. With Team Griffin this summer, Ray solidified his reputation as one of the top point guards in the Oklahoma City metro, doing so by displaying exceptional passing, shooting, and ball skills. Ray makes good passes and helps his teammates score and is a show-stopper on the defensive end.

Rondel Walker 2020 Putnam City West Point Guard

Walker is one of the top rising Guards in the state of Oklahoma. He is getting lots of NCAA Division I attention with the way he manages and creates from the Point Guard spot. It was tough for him to sit out this summer with an injury. Before he was injured he did show his ability to be dynamic at the Point Guard spot at the national level. 

Kellen Hines 2019 Fort-Cobb Broxton Point Guard 

Kellen Hines can be best described by one word: baller. The 5-foot-11 SWOSU commit does just about everything pretty well. He is one of the top Oklahoma shooters in his class from mid or long range, off the dribble or spotting up, or in any other situation he needs to hit a shot. He is a good passer and is very good at pushing a defense into a panic then finding an open scorer down the floor.

KD Jolly 2020 Putnam City North Point Guard 

Jolly had an awesome summer with Team Buddy Buckets. The development in his game has pushed Jolly to be a candidate for a breakout player this season. Jolly can shoot the ball extremely effective and drives the ball with great craftiness to the hoop. 

Peyton Vineyard 2019 Norman North Point Guard

Vineyard is a stable steady Point Guard that can give his team great selfless play getting the ball to where it needs to go. He will not jump out on the stat sheet but goes noticed by small college coaches with all of the small things he does to help his team win. 

MJ Warrior 2020 Putnam City West Point Guard

Warrior had a great summer with BTR setting him up for what should be a bigger role at PC West this winter. He drives the ball extremely strong to the basket using his quickness and physicality to finish. The ability of his drive to open up the offense is impressive.