Posted On: 09/22/18 10:55 PM

Big men are not a dime a dozen in Louisiana like they are in other localities. While most states have an abundance of players who are 6’7″ and above, Louisiana seems to have them sporadically placed. Well, in north Louisiana, there seems to be a resurgence of the big man from border to border. I will take a look at some of the big men that Northeast Louisiana has to offer.

Hunter Strickland / 6’7″ / Weston High School / 2020

During the team camp at Northwestern State was the first time I saw Hunter.  I was wondering how did this kid get to a class B school.  As I saw that weekend and subsequent times afterwards, Hunter plays at a high level.  For his team, he scores around the basket, blocks shots, and runs the floor.  He actually gets up and down better than I anticipated.  When he played during the Prep Hoops Top 250, Hunter displayed a better than average motor while competing against elite level competition.  He left me with the impression that he will not be outworked.  Because of his play against top competition and his ability to dominate at times during team camp play, I would not be surprised if all-state honors befall this young man in the fall.  He is definitely a big man to watch out for.  

Myron Washington / 6’8″ / Ouachita High School / 2019

When Myron hits the floor for the Lions of Ouachita, he commands a lot of attention.  At the Neville and Northwestern State team camps, teams had a hard time defending Washington.  His footwork and activity are what separates him from other post players.  He understands angles well and uses his body to maximize his ability to score.  It helps to have very good guards because they know how to deliver the ball in the post.  Their passing ability gives Washington optimum scoring opportunities.  Washington is no slouch on the defensive end.  He can block shots with either hand using his lateral quickness.  He does not have the offensive variety in his game as Willie LaPoole had on last year but he definitely has the ability to effect the game.  Class 5A should look out because this big man will be making a mark during the season.  

Rollin Belton / 6’7″ / Ruston High School / 2021 (pictured above)

During the April live period, I saw Belton and thought he was just another tall player.  They were dominating their opponent and he did not play much as the game went on.  Fast forward to the Top 250 Expo and Belton appeared to be a different player.  Belton was a bully in the post.  When he had a shorter or smaller defender on him, he immediately took that person to the block.  He even threw it out and re-posted to get deeper position.  Rollin also has very good footwork.  For someone going into his sophomore year, his footwork seems to be that of a more experienced player.    His footwork allows him to score of either shoulder as well as back defenders down.  Just from his work at the Prep Hoops Top 250, I can see Belton bursting onto the scene as a good scorer and defender in district 2-5A this season.  

Jourdain Dishmond / 6’7″ / Holy Savoir Menard / 2021

The big man with the most well-rounded game is Jourdain Dishmond.  He seems to have the understanding, even as a sophomore, that he will need a more complete game to play at the next level.  During the team camp at Northwestern State, he displayed what his game was about.  Dishmond can drive and finish around any big that guards him.  He has a feathery touch from the free throw line so teams can not just foul him when he starts to drive.  Dishmond is left-handed which allows him to catch defenders off guard.  Jourdain can also shoot it from three point land.  There are few holes in his offensive game.  On defense he is still improving his ability to guard on the perimeter.  Consequently, he is a glass eater and rebounds the ball better than most kids.  With his stellar play on both ends of the floor, Dishmond will be a must see player during his sophomore campaign.  

Quatarious Jones / 6’6″ / Delhi High School / 2020

Jones is probably the most athletic of the big man in the northeast portion of the state.  During summer play he showed that ability during the Neville team camp by running the floor and scoring in the post.  Being that his frame is still pretty slight, it is a wonder how he can score down low.  It is because he is taller and more athletic that the guys guarding him.  He is quick off the floor with either getting his shot off or attacking the glass for a put back.  Jones moves from side-to-side in the paint and is never stagnant.  Because of his activity, he is a hard cover.  With the three senior leaders gone from the state runner-up team, Jones will get a chance to be the focal point of the offense.  If he can carry a large offensive roll, Delhi may once again be a force in class 1A.  

Big men in Louisiana high school are a rarity.  So, if a team has one, they have something special.  These five big men are not only big, but they can do multiple things on the floor.  If each one of them plays to their potential, their teams will truly benefit.  One thing is for certain, Prep Hoops Louisiana will be watching to see how these big men play throughout the season.