Posted On: 09/12/18 10:21 AM

Prep Hoops 250 was a success as it brought out some of the best players from each class throughout the state to join forces and compete in front of college coaches. There were a few of the top players in the state that showed out, who got on our radars. The event had great big men, slashers and shooters, but the players that control it all is the point guard. Here were some of the best floor generals from this past weekend from the Class of 2019.  

TJ Boykins – Douglas County

TJ is a true point guard and as good as a playmaker as we have in the state and that was on display this past weekend. He ran his team’s offense and competed as a leader. He managed the tempo, dished out assists every which way and pushed the ball in transition. What stood out was for a guard his size how comfortable he was around the rim no matter how many bigger defenders were around. He fed the post, drove and dished and found his open shooters on the perimeter. TJ is poised for a big year and it was great to see him compete against other talented guards and not only fit in but excel.

Jahuale Veazy – Lincoln

Jahuale is a water bug point guard with pure playmaking ability. He made his teammates better and was the vocal leader. He ran the pick and roll well and either found the open man or got deep enough for a floater that it looks like he is comfortable with. He picked apart the defense with his penetration and dished it off. When he wasn’t executing plays in the half-court offense he was pushing the ball up the floor and leading the way. He has a great feel for the game and is a gamer that plays well beyond his size.

Davon Walker – Grandview

Davon came out looking extremely poised and comfortable right off bat. He runs the offense steadily and pushes the ball in transition. He provides a soothing influence on his teammates as he is a player that it’s easy to read and run off of. What was on display was his ability to find seams in the opposing team’s defense and he penetrates and pulls up for one of the best mid-range pull-ups in the state. He does his work in the paint and either shoots or passes to the open man. Had he not get hurt early and he would have been one of the top performers on the day but he did his damage early. The way that he probes the defense and attacks the defender is a strong point of Davon’s that surely will keep Grandview as a favorite for the upcoming season after winning the championship last year.

Jodaun Dotson – Range view

Jodaun shows significant potential and operates in transition as well as isolation. He played good situational ball and was a player that could attack and penetrate the defense. He showed that he is a good ball handler and a pass first guard that brings it on both ends of the floor. He has an improved first step that gives him some space and he is capable of finishing at the rim. He runs the offense well and takes care of the ball, once he starts attacking the rim and finishing over defenders he will be a dangerous two-dimensional guard.

Sebastian Campbell – Palisade

Sebastian is a player that I didn’t know heading into the day but is a player that stood out as he looked great running the show for his team. He is a heady point guard that understands situations and where players should be, anticipates the defensive shifts and adjusts. He displayed court vision as well as a very consistent jumper. Sebastian controls the pace and shows above average ball handling skills with a cross over that’s not very fast, but effective. He is a player to put on the radar.