Posted On: 09/12/18 12:23 AM

Below are prospects who improved their stock more than any prospect at the Top 250 Expo. These guys showed that they are extremely gifted and will be ready to play this game at a high level this upcoming season.

Shay Cain

Cain has the athleticism and feel for the game to be a tremendous high school player and potentially play this game at the next level. While he still needs to improve his ability to shoot the basketball, he is a stat stuffer with nearly unmatched athleticism. It is rare to see a kid with his physical traits and abilities mixed with such a good feel for the game. His passing abilities are special as well.

JT Elder

Elder was without a doubt the most impressive prospect throughout the event. He is longer and more athletic than before while still having the same guard skills. He is able to play 1-5 at the high school level. At the next level he is able to play 2-4 for many programs. The scary thing is that Elder is just barely getting started. He has the potential to be extremely special.

Zach Morgan 6’7 C 2020 Pueblo (Powerhouse)

Morgan still has work to do but his length and athleticism were on display throughout the event. He has the ability to be special due to his uncoachables. Further, he continues to grow which gives his upside no boundaries. 

Josiah Turner 6’2 PG/SG 2020 AZ Compass Prep

Turner was one of the most impressive performers on the day. He shot the ball well from 3 and mid-range. Further, he made good decisions with the basketball. He is fun to watch due to his ability to make plays and his competitive mentality. Turner is the real deal and demonstrated just that throughout the course of the event.

Steinar Christianson 6’4 SF 2021 Ironwood (AZU)

Christianson was without a doubt one of the top surprises from the event. He shot the basketball with tremendous accuracy inside and outside of the three. Further, he competed at a high level and battled. Christianson has great upside and looks poised to continue to make noise this season.

Keaton Rodgers 6’5 SF 2019 Sandra Day (Blue Chip Nation)

Rodgers played the best that I have ever seen him play at the event. He shot the basketball from deep extremely well. Moreover, he made better decisions and continued to play with the same aggressive mentality that he is known for. He makes the plays that win games and competes at a high level. If he continues to shoot it from deep with the same accuracy as he did today, Rodgers will be ready to make some serious noise this season.