Posted On: 09/19/18 10:15 AM

Here is a look at several 2020 Missouri players who raised their profile at the Prep Hoops Kansas Top 250 Expo held on Sunday at Blue Valley West.

50-Markell Hood, 6’6, G/F, 2020, Blue Valley Northwest (Kan.)

A tall, athletic player who can block shots, handle the ball and play above the rim. Hood has a good feel for the floor and can connect from behind the line. He is very aggressive on the floor and will fight for the ball. He isn’t afraid to challenge his own teammates to play their best. He can make smart plays with the ball and hold his own on defense.

66 — Tanner Mans, 6’5, G/F, 2020, Bishop Carroll (Kan.)

Mans is one of the state’s premier shooters in the rising 2020 class but on Sunday, he showed an all-around offensive game, including the ability to create offense off the dribble and take the ball to the basket. He has a smooth shooting stroke with a quick release and plenty of range out beyond the 3-point arc. He has the ability to move off the ball with cuts and play within a motion offense, which he showcases during the high school season at Carroll.

92 — Omar Stanley, 6’8, PF, 2020, Blue Valley West (Kan.)

Stanley had it all working in his team’s second game as he went into the lane for numerous easy dunks, lay-ins and lobs. He shows good footwork around the basket and there are times when he can be unstoppable in the lane. Stanley has some skill on the perimeter and shows a good feel for the game as he can free himself up on pick-and-rolls with teammates, runs the floor well and has good hands. 

101-Shawn Warrior, 6’4, G/F, 2020, Campus (Kan.)

Strong, composed, efficient. Warrior doesn’t mind throwing it down in transition and can play any position from center to guard in a motion offense. He passes well and can dunk over guys if they’re not careful. If he has the space, he gets his shot off. If he doesn’t have space, he still gets his shot off. Warrior’s efficiency was notable in every game. He made the right moves and kept his team in the hunt.