Posted On: 09/11/18 8:00 AM

The Prep Hoops Missouri Top 250 Expo in St. Louis featured many unselfish players who did a good job displaying their passing ability. In a setting where it is easy for individualism is usually the order of the day, it was refreshing to see some players who really looked to pass the ball. Here they are:

Daniel Abreu 6’5″ Willard (2020)

Carson Parker 6’5″ Nashville, IL (2020)

Cade Schnicker 6’2″ Edwards County, IL (2019)

Ilyaas Harris 5’9″ Marquette (2021)

Gary Ford, Jr. 5’8″ Webster Groves (2021)

Drenin Dinkins 5’7″ South Iron (2022)

Nathaniel Norman 5’10” Vashon (2020)

Brycen King 6’1″ Ellington (2021)

Kaidyn Jackson 6’0″ Jefferson City (2020)

Jonathan Thompson 6’4″ Park Hill South (2020)

Vermetrius Jackson 5’6″ Miller Career Academy (2021)