Posted On: 09/18/18 10:02 AM

Here is a look at several 2021 point guards who raised their profile at the Prep Hoops Kansas Top 250 Expo held on Sunday at Blue Valley West.

42 — Jayden Hall, 5’5, G, 2021, Wichita Heights (Kan.)

A shorter player who moves well and has a soft touch to his jumper. Hall can connect when he has the right look and sometimes when he doesn’t. He’s also an intelligent defender who stays close and keeps opponents uncomfortable with and without the ball. He’s always trying to lock down his opponents and never gives up on plays.

44-Keegan Harrod, 5’6, G, 2021, Maize (Kan.)

Harrod is quick for his size and elusive in tight spots. He’s not as tall as others in the point guard position, but he is smart and knows how to play his game. He waits for openings and is sneaky on defense. On offense he’s learned how to fake a shot and shed taller defenders. He has a good shot, just has to work extra hard to get the opening. Good things all around.

68 — Quinten Mason, 5’11, G, 2021, Olathe North (Kan.)

Mason showed throughout the event at Blue Valley West that he is a knock down shooter, capable of getting hot and lighting up a scoreboard. He plays well off the ball and finds creases in the defense to get open, but can also handle the ball a little as well.

103-Floyd Watkins, 5’10, G, 2021, Wichita Heights (Kan.)

An athletic guard who can move the ball and stay in motion, Watkins plays good defense up top and can stay with anyone who has the ball. He seems to take defense seriously at all times. He keeps his eye one the ball and moves his feet well. He can also score when given the open look. A player who will improve the more he plays.