Posted On: 09/17/18 11:41 AM

Here is a look at several 2021 Missouri prospects who raised their profile at the Prep Hoops Kansas Top 250 Expo held on Sunday at Blue Valley West.

51 — Cashius Howell, 6’3, G/F, 2021, Rockhurst (Mo.)

Howell has a strong, thick frame with good size and athleticism. He can knock down outside shots and is tough to contain around the basket as he uses his frame well.

78 — Darius Pottard, 5’11, G, 2021, Rockhurst (Mo.)

Another guard who runs the floor well and fights through coverage in the lane when he drives. Pottard passes well, looking to keep those around him involved when he’s on the floor. He has a good sense of how the ball should move. He also moves well off the ball. Pottard works hard to get open and works hard to make plays with the ball.

93-Steven Strong Jr., 6’0, G, 2021, University (Mo.)

Strong Jr. was one of the top scorers at the event. A player who can sink 3-pointers from deep or slip his way to the basket for an easy two points. He’s also one of the best and most entertaining passers. He draws a ton of attention and can set up teammates because of it. You’ll struggle to find a player who can make as many shots in the clutch. Strong Jr. lives for those moments.

97 — Quran Taylor, 6’1, G, 2021, University (Mo.)

Taylor has a smooth looking outside shooting stroke and was able to connect on several outside jumpers. He brings speed, quickness and a competitive nature to the floor.

105-Liam Weaver, 6’2, G, 2021, Pembroke Hill (Mo.)

A traditional guard who plays smarter not harder. Weaver keeps an open mind on the floor and will pass to anyone and shoot whenever he has the look. He takes whatever he’s given and has the talent to make those around him better. He is unselfish and a fine team player. Weaver will get in the trenches when the game is one the line.