Posted On: 09/12/18 5:05 PM

The 2020 class really stole the show at the Top 250 expo this past weekend. The event included some of the best players in the state all competing in one place in front of college coaches. Here are some of the best floor generals on the day. 

Sebastian Cole – Cherry Creek

Sebastian showcased why he is one of the top guards in the state as he brought it to the defense in every game played. He showed that it is tough to stay in front of him as he used his quickness and effective crossover to get defenders off-balance and then go and make a play. Defenders couldn’t keep him out of the lane where he either kicked it out to a spot-up shooter, hit the slasher cutting to the basket or finished the ball at the rim himself. He ran the offense and was great in the open court as he showed great court vision. He runs the pick-and-roll well and shows great demeanor on the floor as he can take over and score whenever asked but really got things done as a floor-general that got others involved.

Jared Rios – Elizabeth

Despite his lack of elite athleticism, he is a player that makes it happen for his teammates. Strength and great court awareness got him inside of the lane and from there he made the right play. He has a deceptive first step despite not being very fast or vertically explosive but gets to the lane and can finish. He’s a talented offensive point guard who really distributes. He does well in pick and rolls and pushes the ball in transition. He’s a good ball handler and not a super creative passer, but a very smart one.

Peyton Westfall – Pine Creek

Peyton is as tough as nails. He is a natural born leader that’s play ignites the team and they can feed off of. He is also a player that teammates run harder for, big men screen harder for and his teammates are expecting to make the right play on any given situation. He did just that despite playing with players he has never played with before. He gives a good entry pace, controls the pace, pushes it on transition and is an excellent player in pick and roll situations. He finds the open man with flashy passing and is dangerous in the open court. He is also a guard that can create for himself and knocks down his shot. He is a pass first guard with the ability to score on demand and was a major standout at the expo.

Hezekiah Swanson – Overland

Hezekiah is known as one of the state’s premier perimeter defenders but what he really did show was the work he put in this offseason as a ball handling floor general. He got out on the fast break and made sure to get others involved. He hit the open man and had plenty of assists to teammates open under the rim. He knocked down shots, defended at a high level but also ran the offense well. He distributed at a high rate and showed that he possesses a full slate of passing skills. He has great vision and does a great job of reading the floor and finding the openings. This is something that I needed to see out of the point guard that will be asked to fill a big void this upcoming season.

Cal Wing – Heritage

Cal isn’t necessarily a point guard but he is a combo guard that made sure that all of his teammates were involved. He generated plenty of offense for his team throughout the day and it was by leading by example. He showed that he had excellent instincts and a feel for the game as he read the defense and took what they gave him. He used his larger frame as a playmaker and found the open man plenty of times. He put the ball on the floor and was comfortable with the ball in his hands. He moved the ball ahead and showed that he is a disciplined player with a high IQ. He doesn’t make many mistakes and is a reliable playmaker.