Posted On: 09/15/18 5:30 PM

Here is a look at the Class of 2022 players from last weekend’s Prep Hoops Top 250 Expo in St. Louis:

Luke Busateri 6’2″ Timberland: A good-sized young wing player with a good skill set and a lot of confidence. He is an good perimeter shooter with the ability to attack the basket to get buckets. He also took up the defensive challenge against some of the top offensive players in the camp. He’ll be an immediate impact player at the varsity level.

Drenin Dinkins 5’7″ South Iron: An excellent young point guard who is a coach’s son. He is a skilled ball handler and passer who has a good feel for the game. He can also knock down 3-pointers and hit floaters in the lane. He really knows how to make his teammates better.

D.J. Prater 6’0″ South Iron: An athletic young lefty who can cause problems with his quickness and ability to slash to the basket. He scores in the lane well and make a few 3-pointers when left open. He will also get in the crowd and grab some rebounds. Has good length and very rangy.

Champ McMurray 6’0″ South Iron: A young guard who plays with a lot of toughness. He competes well on the defensive end and did a great job of getting loose balls and staying active. He did not take plays off. 

Hunter Cole 5’9″ Farmington: A very good 3-point shooter off the catch. He knocked down a few shots from well beyond the 3-point line.

Colton Richardson 6’2″ Jefferson: Young player with good size on the wing and a versatile skill set. He is a capable ball handler who can also shoot the ball.

Jp Ruble 5’5″ Farmington: The smallest player in the event, but that did not stop him from getting into the middle of the action. He handled the ball well and stay low on the dribble. He was also able to knock down an open 3-pointer.