Posted On: 09/13/18 1:00 PM

Here is a look at the top Class of 2020 guards and wings from the Prep Hoops Missouri Top 250 Expo in St. Louis:

Judah Nunn 5’9″ Fort Zumwalt South: A shifty little point guard who has good quickness and the ability to change directions and keep defenders off balance. He gets in the lane well and has a good float game. He will also keep the defense honest with a 3-point shot.

Jonathan Thompson 6’4″ Park Hill South: One of the biggest point guards at the camp, Thompson uses his size well to see over smaller guards to make nice passes. He is also an effective ball handler with a good feel for the game. With his size, he can also go inside and post up and grab rebounds.

Nathaniel Norman 5’10” Vashon: A pass-first point guard who did a nice job of keeping things organized and making sure everyone got their touches. The lefty was quick and can get to the basket with a quick burst before he would drop it off for layups or out to open shooters. He was also a very active on-ball defender.

Jaylen Woods 5’9″ Jennings: A solid point guard who is strong on the dribble and displayed the ability to penetrate and kick to open shooters. He has a high-arching 3-pointer which was very effective if defenders backed off of him to much.

Zachary Patterson 6’0″ Trinity: I was very impressed with the poise and calm that he played with throughout the day. He is strong with the dribble and made good decisions with the ball without ever being rushed.