Posted On: 09/13/18 6:48 PM

This year’s Prep Hoops Florida Top 250 Expo saw great talent from all over the state play with intensity, with grit, and with a determination to show who was the best on the court. Check out part two of the underclassmen Stock Risers who splashed on the scene and made a new statement, for themselves.

Ryan Stanakis 2021 – Winter Park HS: Only 5’9” at the moment, but he definitely made an impact with his ability to shoot the three, as well as drive it through the lane. Loved how he continuously made others around him better by dishing assists to the open man, getting his teammates involved. Stanakis has a high upside.

Jackson Miller 2021 – Ponte Vedra HS: This sophomore was active on the offensive glass, all day. He was a tough guy for opponents to box out. As soon as he would snag a board, he’d spring back up almost instantly for the easy layup. Miller is a guy who wasn’t afraid to do the dirty work in the paint.

Carlos Pena 2021 – Duniden HS: At 6’2”, Pena used his frame to weave through the midrange and paint area, and was able to avoid contact while finishing at the rim. Pena has a bit of finesse to his game. He’s a slick guy to try and keep in front of you. From beyond-the-arc, he can give you a few triples, as well.

Nasir Mann 2021 – The Villages HS: The Buffalo have a budding talent in Nasir with the way he plays on-ball defense. He just made it tough for anyone who called themselves a ball-handler, that day. Love his ability to keep players in-front of him. He even notched a few blocks in the process. Mann’s a long-armed wing, sitting at 6’2”.

Jayden Spencer 2022 – Leon HS: Spencer was another freshman who knew the type of stage he was on, and wanted to bring hustle and intensity. There was not a time where he didn’t sprint the floor with full effort, and make things difficult opponents when in transition defense. When given the opportunity, he finished at the rim & made the most of his shots.