Posted On: 09/12/18 4:16 PM

This year’s Prep Hoops Florida Top 250 Expo saw great talent from all over the state play with intensity, with grit, and with a determination to show who was the best on the court. Check out the underclassmen standouts from the day, part two of three.

Sebastian Munoz 2021 – West Broward HS: This SoFlo sophomore made players around him better by hitting them with cross-court passes, all day. He’s a guy that gave a great amount of effort running the floor with vigor, and possesses a solid pull-up, midrange jumpshot. He made his presence felt on the rebounding front, as well. Munoz is a hard guy to box out.

Henry Calixte 2022 – Evans HS: Just a freshman, but at 6’3”, Calixte had some solid moments, in the paint. Loved the way he was able to use his hopstep to get deeper into the paint and finish. There were times where he really out-muscled his opponents to get short-range buckets off in the post. Calixte also used his leaping ability to snag high-passes out of the air, OVER his defenders, and make the score.

Arthur Frigo 2021 – Oxbridge Academy: At 6’7”, Oxbridge sophomore Arthur Frigo is sure to turn some heads, this upcoming season. He definitely made people do the same at the Expo, unleashing an array of post moves that put defenders on their heels. The patience he exudes in the post is awesome to see, being as young as he is. Frigo has a pretty solid hook-shot he can bring out around the mid-post area. Excited to hear of his development.

Charles Crews 2021 – Strawberry Crest HS: One thing that instantly came to mind about Crews, was how willing he was to take any sort of contact on-the-drive, and still find a way to get the bucket to fall. You have to respect his fearlessness. One could infer that he’s a Kobe fan, the way he was able to use his post-fadeaway jumper, off-the-glass, to frustrate defenders.

Seve Roche 2021 – Providence School: If you’re weak with your on-ball defense, this is not a person you should matchup with. Roche was great at taking people off-the-dribble and slashing to the rim, the entire session. He’s another guy that can finish while being contested at the rim, take the bumps on the way, and never asks “where’s the foul?”. Roche has a lot of promise.