Posted On: 09/12/18 8:24 AM

Below are some of the smaller guards in the 2020 class that were able to make it out to the Kansas Top 250 Expo. I couldn’t catch every player, but I was able to watch most.

Derrick Lavan 6’0”

I didn’t get to watch a ton of Lavan on Sunday, but from what I saw, I liked. Someone who shoots the ball with confidence is a player I want on my team, and Lavan had no issues doing that. He looks to be more of a streaky shooter. He stands around 6’0″, possibly an inch taller, but his size didn’t affect him at all.

Koi Jackson 5’9” Olathe North

Jackson is the player that everyone wants on their team. He’s not he biggest and because of that, he plays with a little chip on his shoulder. He’s a lot quicker than he looks and he knocked down a few 3’s as well. This kid is going to surprise some people this year. He knows that he’s not the biggest and that’s why he works so hard.

DJ Stubblefield 5’10” Olathe South

Stubblefield was one of the quickest guards that I saw at the expo, and he needs to use that to his advantage. He won’t have much of an issue getting by his defender and if his floater game improves a bit, he could be a tough guard to stop. This can also be said about his shooting from the outside as well. He doesn’t lack confidence which is great, and he finished very well when he got to the basket.

Zachariah Rowe 5’8” William Chrisman High School

Rowe is a quick guard with a great hesitation move. He’s a bit undersized, but that didn’t stop him from competing with whoever he was matched up with. Rowe did get ahead of himself at times and will need to slow down occasionally. He can almost be a little too quick for himself.

AJ Cooper 5’11” Basehor Linwood

Cooper is another one of those talented guards what attends Basehor Linwood. He can do a few things that the others aren’t. He’s very quick and finishes very well around the rim. He also has a decent little stroke on him, and when he gets confident, it seems to go in at a high percentage. The one thing he is lacking is the size, but some of the other guards on the team have. This team is guard loaded, but each of them are a little different. This team might be a tough team to beat if everyone works together.