Posted On: 09/12/18 8:20 AM

Listed below are some of the 2020 Bigs who made it out to the Top 250 Expo in Kansas this last Sunday. While I couldn’t check out everyone, I felt that I was able to watch most players.

Markell Hood 6’6” Blue Valley Northwest

Hood has a lot of potential and with him only being a junior, he still has a couple of years to really figure it out. Hood has great size and is a big body. He should be a pretty decent player for the Huskies who lose a few really good Big Men. Hood will have to be patient and be a force in the paint if he really wants to help his team out.

Ethan Vlasic 6’8” Blue Valley North

You can’t teach size, and this kid has the size. He’s a pretty slender big man, but he plays well around the basket. If he’s able to put some meat on his bones, he could be one of the go to players for Blue Valley North. A couple of coaches did ask me about him and that’s because they saw the potential in him. It will be very interesting to see how Blue Valley North uses him this season.

John Boyer 6’8” Olathe South

Boyer is another kid with great size and will be a big asset for the Olathe South team. He should be able to bang with most of the bigs in the paint, but he still needs to get a bit stronger. He does well around the basket, but he’s not your super athletic or quick big man. With that being said, he’s great at rebounding and protecting the rim!

Andrew Sonner 6’5” Olathe East

Sonner really started to impress me as the day went on. He wasn’t the biggest guy on the court most of the time, but with his work ethic, you couldn’t tell that. He played hard throughout the day and it really showed. He also has a nice shot from about 15 feet and in. He also knows how to use his size to his advantage which will really benefit him. Sonner has some big time potential and could be a big part of this Olathe East team down the stretch.

O’mar Stanley 6’7” Blue Valley West

Stanley should be one of the go to players for this Blue Valley West team. A few coaches asked about him Sunday, and for good reason. He was grabbing a ton of rebounds and threw down some big dunks. He does need to work a bit on his postgame and quickness, but that’ll all come around.