Posted On: 09/10/18 12:00 PM

Here is a look at the top Class of 2019 point/combo guards from the Prep Hoops Missouri Top 250 Expo in St. Louis:

Luke Mackey 5’11” Warrensburg: A very physically built guard who used his strength to get into the lane and finish well around the basket. He is very good at staying low on the dribble and taking the contact to make the play, whether it is a shot or a pass. A solid player who does not make a lot of mistakes.

Trey Shannon 6’1″ Wellington-Napoleon: A Class 2 All-State player who did an excellent job of attacking the basket from the wing and finishing well in traffic. He is a solid ball handler who will also grab his share of rebounds and make plays for his teammates.

Easton Null 6’1″ Jefferson: An excellent 3-point shooter who can also do a good job of making plays for his teammates. When he gets an open look, he’s going to knock shots down on a consistent basis. He can also handle the ball and drop some nice dimes.

Jonathan Hinson 5’9″ Hazelwood East: A physical guard with a stout body who had an uncanny ability to finish at the rim in traffic. There were times where I thought he couldn’t see the basket through the trees in the lane, but he was able to flip it up into the basket. That happened more than once during the camp.

Jonathan Dyer 6’1″ Vianney: A very solid lead guard who made his mark on the defensive end. He did a good job of picking up opposing ball handlers in the backcourt and moving his feet, thus making them work hard. He handled the ball well and made good decisions.