Top 250: D1 Potential


Posted On: 09/24/18 7:18 AM

The Michigan Prep Hoops Top 250 Expo featured all levels and ages of talent. It’s almost every high school basketball players dream to play at the Division 1 level. There were some athletes at the Top 250 that showed Division 1 potential. 

Trevor Boers (2019, 6’9”, F/C, Capac)

Boers has a unique blend of an outside-in game, combined with solid post skills. He has the feel of a stretch 4 at the next level. If I was a Division 1 school looking for a four year player with a bright future…..I’d start with Boers.

Caleb Hodgson (2019, 6’9”, F/C, Dansville)

Much like Boers, Hodgson’s versatility is very intriguing. He did it all at the Top 250. He rebounded and rim protected, but also handled the ball on the perimeter. He scored with his back to the basket, but was also a threat from deep. He’s excellent off a pick and pop.

Justin Rukat (2019, 6’8”, F, Detroit Catholic Central)

Rukat is very intriguing as a prospect. I’ve seen him in grassroots season battle against an all Division 1 roster, and more than hold his own. Rukat uses his quick feet and athleticism. He runs the floor well and creates lanes. With some added strength, sky is the limit.

Ryan Corner (2020, 6’10”, F/C, Allendale)

Corner has improved a ton over grassroots season. He’s much stronger than a year ago, especially in the legs. At the Top 250, I was very impressed with how aggressive and physical Corner was in the paint. If he continues those trends, Corner could be a special player.

Zach Maynard (2020, 6’2”, G, Brother Rice)

Maynard is an interesting prospect. He has blown up this summer and could have a huge high school season. He used to be a pure shooter, but has added so much to that. Maynard has solid handles and a nasty crossover. If he continues these trends, college coaches will have to pay attention.

Kobe Bufkin (2021, 6’3”, PG, Grand Rapids Christian)

Bufkin is such a smooth player. He can score at all three levels via three pointer, floater, or acrobatic finish. Bufkin can handle the ball against pressure and finds teammates with a crisp pass. He is on pace to be a Division 1 high major recruit.

Blake Lund (2021, 6’1”, G, Linden)

Lund can do it all. He handles the ball efficiently, making very few turnovers. Lund is such a smart player with a high level of understanding of the game. If he gets hot, he can shoot the lights out.

Mikkos Stewart (2021, 6’0”, PG, Brother Rice)

Stewart is a walking highlight reel at the point guard position. He reminds me a little of Wendell Green Jr. Stewart can create his own look at the rim and has excellent body control. At the same time, if you give him a tiny bit of space, he can rise up and nail a triple.

DJ Allison (2022, 5’11”, G, Kalamazoo Central)

Allison is as steady as they come. He works so hard and really wants to be coached. He has solid handles and can score in a variety of ways. He’s a player to watch over the next four years.

Thomas Dillard IV (2022, 6’1”, G, Kalamazoo Central)

Dillard IV is another high level prospect from Kalamazoo. He is as tough as they come and has a very high basketball IQ. Dillard IV is a sponge when it comes to learning and understanding the game. 

Brady Titus (2022, 5’10”, PG, Tri Unity Christian)

Titus is a lightning bolt on the court. He’s so quick and fast, and constantly plays downhill. He can beat pressure and finish or dish with flare. On defense, he’s a one man pressure defense. He uses his feet to win position, and his hands to swipe the ball away.