Top 250 Expo Underclassmen

Posted On: 09/11/18 4:12 PM

Prep Hoops 250 was a success as it brought out some of the best players from each class throughout the state to join forces and compete in front of college coaches. There were a few of the top players in the state that showed out and while it’s typically all about guards who affect the game in many ways, let’s show some love to the big men that got it done in various ways.

Devin Walker – Ulysses (KS)

Devin was the only player from out of state at the expo. He was effective in the post as he was the tallest player at the expo as well. He ran the floor and showed good hands and footwork as he caught passes at tough angles and finished at the rim. He doesn’t have a large amount of post moves and that will have to change but with the ones he does have, seem to be effective. He shot hook shots over small defenders and had a few drop steps. He establishes good position and showed awareness as he sensed where the defender was and when the double team came and either kicked it out or did counter moves away from the help.

Logan Cecil – Thomas Jefferson

Logan really stood out as he was one of the biggest overall guys at the expo and he really got it going, specifically on the left block. He is primarily a low post player that showed an assortment of footwork and spin moves as defenders couldn’t get around him. He was used often in the pick and roll and sealed off the defender and was the primary source of instant offense. He backed down defenders aggressively which drew quite a few fouls and has that old school feel of a bruiser. He also put the ball on the floor and created a few fast breaks with that. His coordination and soft touch is what made up for him not being incredibly explosive around the basket. What he did show off was a high basketball IQ and effective low-post scoring.

Ryan Cecil – Thomas Jefferson

Ryan is a big man that can get up and down the court and to his spots. He’s an excellent screen man and boxes out on every possession which makes it hard on defenders. He has a natural feel for the game and likes to play with his back to the basket. So many times, did we see the spin around on his pivot foot and gave head fakes until the defender went for it. He knows how to draws fouls and it is because he is aggressive down low. He gives second chance points off of his tenacity and positioning as he halls in loose balls at a high rate. He affects the game on defense and as soon as his offense translates he will be a force.

Spencer Thomas – Mountain Vista

Spencer is a self-made player that is smart and plays extremely hard. He’s a fair athlete that uses his body well and outworks his matchup. What makes him a bit different other bigs is his mid-range jumper. Spencer finished well at the rim and that’s due to great timing and IQ. He went after every miss and ran the floor well and that’s what you ask for from your big guy. He rebounds well on both ends of the court and changes many shots with just going after the ball.

Bailey Verk – Thunder ridge

Bailey is one of the hardest working big men in the state and a player that I’ve gotten to see numerous times. This weekend on offense he was always moving and on offense he is a fairly raw prospect, but still manages to drop intriguing hints of potential from time to time with impressive moves he makes. He’s an above average rebounder and you got to see that with the multiple second chance points he generated and easy push ins at the rim. He set some of the best picks and created space for not only himself but the guard as well. His excellent hands were on full display as he got scraps around the hoop just by putting his length, size and mobility on the defender which got him a few more easy baskets. He ran the court well and threw his solid frame around which will be a staple this year for Thunder ridge. Bailey remains one of my personal favorite guys in the state and is a coach’s dream.