Top 250 Expo Underclassmen

Posted On: 09/11/18 3:02 PM

Prep Hoops 250 was a success as it brought out some of the best players from each class throughout the state to join forces and compete in front of college coaches. There were a few of the top players in the state that showed out, but there were also others that boosted their stock with tremendous showings as well. Here is who stood out on Sunday from the Class of 2019.

Dalton Knecht – Prairie View

Dalton really stood out at the expo as he shown a consistent shooting stroke specifically from behind the arc, took what the defenders gave him and made heady plays with and without the ball in his hands. While he is a solid perimeter shooter he also showed efficiency as he got his scoring done without being ball dominant. He is a capable guard that can create for others and is great around the rim as well.Dalton is a player that will be asked to do a ton next year so being able to see him stand out with other talented players and open up new parts of his game was a great sign. 

Zachery Sanders – Cherokee Trails

Zachery was a player that came in and stole the day. He was on a loaded team and fit in seamlessly with great energy and demanded all eyes to be on him. He got himself going on the defensive end and his athletic abilities separated him from the pack with a game that will translate well at the next level. He has a wiry strong frame and great athleticism possessing both nice speed and reactive leaping ability. He displays a high motor and frequently contributed on cuts and spot-up drives. He took advantage at the expo with his explosiveness and finding ways to contribute without being the primary ball handler.

Brendan Temple – Douglas County

Brendan is a player who doesn’t fit the eye test on all the things that he can do, but at the expo that worked to his advantage as he had the play of the day with a body-to-body dunk on a defender. He is a potential face-up small/power forward who combines his incredible athleticism with the potential as a jump shooter. He also made sure he got to the rim and he attacks it so well that it helps him draw fouls. In order to fully utilize his athleticism, he’ll need to work on his jump shot and with it he can become an unstoppable force. Brendan is a mobile athlete that showed a good combination of ball handling ability, quickness and fluidity for a player his size. He’s a player that jumps off the screen with potential and when he reaches it – watch out.

James Felton — Lincoln 

James was one of the bright spots on the day as he was tremendous athletically. There wasn’t a player that could stop him from getting to where he wants and he also used his good size and quick and wiry frame to get over defenders when going at the rim. He is unbelievably explosive and benefited from guys getting out and running on the break in which he excelled at. The lane was his and he wasn’t taking no for an answer. He rebounds well and jumps over guys rebounding which makes him a card cover. He is a very quick leaper that scored in the paint on putbacks as well as isolating off of the dribble. His first step is great for a player his size and is physically dominating. James will make noise this year.

Payton Egloff – Regis

Payton does a great job of knocking down both open spot-ups and coming off screens.  What stood out was the way that he moves around the court to free himself up which makes him a lethal player that you have to account for at all times. On Sunday, he did a bit of everything. He’s a player that shows great discipline offensively as he doesn’t put himself in spots to get trapped, limits his turnovers, creates shots off the dribble and is constantly moving with the confidence to consistently go at the defender. He has enough speed off the dribble to go to the rim and create as he did with multiple floaters but is also a shot creator as he can stop and pull up for a jumper or come off of a screen and knock it down. Payton is a gamer.