Posted On: 09/11/18 12:19 PM

Prep Hoops 250 was a success as it brought out some of the best players from each class throughout the state to join forces and compete in front of college coaches. There were a few of the top players in the state that showed out, but there were also others that stood that surprised us. Here is who really stood out in the scoring department in the 2019 class on Sunday.

Chase Hettinger – Castle View

It’s already been said, Chase was the MVP on the day. It was different than every other time that I have seen him as he took over in every single aspect of the game and I know it felt good for him to not see a double team. He dominated in every aspect and had plenty of highlight plays. He showed off elite athleticism and had a dunk in every single game. He rebounded with the big men, made the right plays for his teammates and when the defense thought they would give him some space he made them pay with his jump shot. If this is the Chase that we’re going to see this year, this will be a career year for him on his way out.

Kwane Marble – Denver East

Kwane was a late add to the event and missed the first game, but once he got in the game he was an instant game changer. Kwane uses his size to do whatever it is he wants and finishes at every angle. He’s a hard guard for opponents as he can shoot the ball but also is great at penetrating the defense. When he is locked in and giving his all, not many opponents can defend him as he is a scoring machine. He has a floater, uses affective moves inside the paint and can finish with either hand. In the open court with the ball in his hands is where Kwane does most of his damage and is a player that can be relied on to score when his team needs a basket.

Jaedon Bowles – Manual

Jaedon has that “it” factor. He is a combo guard with great size that plays above the rim. On the fast break he is a one man wrecking crew. It was good to see him surrounded by other players that were capable of scoring as he’s been so used to doing it all that there was a chance to see Jaedon the playmaker. He set up teammates and generates so much attention that he was able to see the extra defender come and make adjustments. He passed the ball well and had highlight dunks. Jaedon is full of energy and is an above average defender that doesn’t get the credit on that side of the ball. He scored from all three levels and with having to often times play positions 1-5 made it look easy with baskets in the post against smaller defenders and also able to shoot over smaller guards.

Joshua Rogers – Arvada West

Rogers was the most pleasant surprise of the expo. He asserted himself from the opening tip of the first game with multiple baskets and also led his team to multiple victories with his ability to score and set his players up. The game comes easy to some players and it surely comes easy to Joshua. What’s perhaps most impressive about him is he is not just a volume scorer, but he’s also tremendously efficient. He has flawless shooting mechanics, deep release an incredibly quick release to go along with deadly accuracy. He also got into the lane and finished at the rim almost better than every other player. Joshua is a player that will fit in seamlessly at the next level.

Seth Fuqua – Vanguard

From an underrated perspective Seth is an all-around guard. He is an above average passer that doesn’t quite meet the eye test because you wouldn’t expect a player with this size to be able to put up the numbers that he does. He rebounds, shoots, distributes and has a good feel and it’s not too known because he plays in a smaller classification and many haven’t been able to see how talented he is because of the location of his high school. Perimeter shooting is the area that he excels most in but his ability as a play makers and way that he breaks a defender down and way that he is able to contort his body as a shot maker opens up his offensive game a bit more. At the expo he was leading his team with his shot as well as scoring inside of the paint with the attention that’s generated with his jump shot. Look for Seth to light up the scoreboard and lead the state in scoring yet again.