Posted On: 09/11/18 2:37 PM

The Prep Hoops Top 250 Expo in Arizona came and went Saturday, with several players showcasing their skills to coaches and recruiters. Here are a few players that stood out in their ability to distribute the ball and run offenses.


Isaiah Wilson looked to score first in the games he played before injuring his leg. He was able to command offenses, though, when a lot of players weren’t used to playing together in a system. He got a lot of pressure going to the rim, which allowed him space to make passes to open teammates.


Brennan Armijo was quick, made good passes and threatened defenses with his ability to get to the rim when given too much space. He did not score as much as some of the other players, but ran the offense well as a lead guard.


Dominic Gonzalez shot first when he could, hitting a lot of mid-range jumpers. But, he eventually used the tight defense opponents had to play on him to dribble the ball toward the rim, where he could make passes to cutters or score himself with lay up.


Cenk Esinduy did not always speed past defenders, but was really efficient with the dribbles he took. He didn’t have to do anything fancy to penetrate defense and make plays for others. His team’s offense thrived with him on the floor.


BJ Burries used his quick feet to create space for himself with the ball. He had the luxury of good cutters to the basket, but was effective at sharing the ball and making sure the right people got it. He made the game a little bit easier for guys who were otherwise struggling to score.