Posted On: 09/9/18 4:49 PM

Week 1 Standouts at William Jessup Fall League


2019 Standouts

Isaac Ackerman 2019 Whitney High School- Issac is a big bodied guard who uses his body well. In his first set of games for week 1 of fall league he showed great poise. Coming up the floor he made it a point to keep his teammates active sprinting the floor and cutting down the lane. With a good ability to score he also has great vision passing his teammates open. He is  a very solid guard that does not overuse his dribble, with a quick in and out he blows by defenders in to the second phase of the defense, drawing them in and dumping off to his bigs and open shooters. Isaac is looking to be a big leader for Whitney High School this year.


2020 Standouts

Isaac Tobias 2020 Bradshaw Christian High School- Isaac was by far the best player on the floor all weekend for all teams. Standing at about 6’4- 6’5 with a great frame he bullied defenders all over the floor. Isaac used his body in the paint drawing numerous fouls and knocking down free throws after being hammered in the paint. With a strong handle he used his athletic ability to blow by defenders, he got to the rim and finished with either hand off either foot. The most impressive thing was his ability to work out of the post. He was very good using up and under fadeaways and bully ball to score on his defenders. On defense he was able to alter shots with his length and grab rebounds over everyone and find his teammates streaking down court. Isaac is a hybrid 2-4 type player with a very high ceiling. Excited to see him take the next step and expand his game beyond 15-feet at Bradshaw Christian this year.


Kaveli Hensley 2020 Whitney High School- Kaveli is a very lanky guard, with a wiry frame. He was very good at slipping by defenders and using a jump stop to get back on balance and elevate above the defense using floaters and jump shots to score. He was very quick to get his team into offense and let the offense and his teammates work to get him shots. Very team first type of player. With his lanky arms he was able to stick his hands in passing lanes not always getting steals but disrupting the play. Kaveli will help his team win a lot of games with his intensity and drive to win.


Pierce Davis 2020 Bradshaw Christian High School- Mr. Davis has great size to be a very effective 4 man. He rebounded the ball well all day and found his guards. With good left and right over the shoulder hooks, he showed great ability to shoot the ball around the 15 feet area. Davis is a very poised player that does not look to do too much and also stays in his game. With very good athletic ability he has a quick one foot take off and looks to put defenders in the rim as he almost did multiple times. Also blocking shots off the glass making opponents think twice about coming in the paint.


Ryan Toschi 2020 Christian Brothers High School- Ryan shot the ball very well, and had a great mental approach when shots didn’t fall. After starting his game hot he missed about 3 consecutive shots in his first game. Not letting it bother him he decided to play defense harder which in turn helped him get layups. He has very good range and good size for a 2 guard. Will help his Christian Brothers team a lot throughout the year.


Ryan King 2020 Whitey High School- Ryan was probably the best traditional big man on the day. With great size and good rebound ability Ryan was always in the right spot after his teammates got deep in the defense. His hands were ready and he was finishing with either hand. Ryan understood that hard picks and hard rolls would get him open. Ryan also understood that working hard on defense and not letting his man score would help his team. He hit the game winning free throw in sudden death, showing his clutch factor. He has a very high ceiling and should have a productive junior year.


2021 Standouts

Jaylen Patterson 2021 Bradshaw Christian High School- Jaylen was by far the most polished sophomore on the day. With great size and phenomenal quickness he blew past a defender in his way. When a defender cut him off he used great balance to spin and spin again to keep them at bay. Jaylen also took 4 charges in one game showing his ability to put the team first. Along with great size and speed, Jaylen showed great ability to get to his spots and pull up over defenders. With a smooth left stroke Jaylen is definitely on the way to becoming a top sophmore in the state.

Ky’juan Anderson 2021 Whitney High school- Ky’juan was a very silky smooth guard. He did what he wanted on offense showing great strength with the ball as he got pass defenders and used great creativity around the rim. With his smooth footwork he put defenders on skates and got his teammates open. Showed great flashes for a young guard.