Posted On: 09/7/18 5:23 PM

Madison won 24 of 25 games last year earning themselves a championship.  So what’s next?  The amount of production that graduated is tougher than most can take but Madison is still talented.


Must Be Replaced:  Aaron Fiegen, Jadon Janke, Jaxon Janke, Josh Giles

Madison didn’t just lose four senior starters, they lost the cornerstone of the program for the last several years.  Fiegen and the Janke brothers were all-state players as seniors in addition to champions and now all three are at South Dakota State.  Aaron is now a freshman on their basketball teams and the Jankes are wide receivers on the football team.  Giles is also a scholarship athlete as he is playing football and Dakota State.

Returning Starters: Nic Comes

Nic Comes was far from a fifth starter on last year’s team.  At 6-foot-1, 170 pounds Nic Comes is a shooting guard that several times last year helped get Marshall going with sudden scoring runs.  The Tea Area 13 point first half is the most memorable but there were several other games that Comes was able to take advantage of created space to knock down shots. Comes is a top 20-25 level senior in South Dakota.

Stepping into Bigger Roles:  Doyle Brown, Caileb Reilly, Tyler Tappe

Doyle Brown and Caileb Reilly are both seniors now who came off the bench and consistently produced are quick stretches.  Brown is a 6-foot-2 piece of muscle that will play on the wing while Reilly is bigger as a forward who can play a few different roles.  Then you have Tyler Tappe who was the lone underclassmen to play a year ago and he did that between playing QB, hoops, and baseball as a three-sport guy. 

Future. Jacob Brooks

Jacob Brooks is 6-foot-5 forward and should be expected to play a key spot this winter as a potential starter. Brooks saw some time on varsity and also played big on JV.  Brooks also played April, May, and July with the Pentagon Schoolers to advance his ability and get ready for the next two winters.