Posted On: 09/27/18 1:51 AM

Nearly 70 players partook in the Above The Rim Gym/PrepHoopsTN Fall Combine.  More guards than bigs showed, but this is all about the tallest participants.  Take a look at the tallest players in attendance from tallest to sixth tallest.

  • All heights listed were measured with shoes on.

1) Brennon Marsh | 6’8” C | Murfreesboro Siegel 2020

Brennon Marsh competed with Team ARG 17u over the summer.  His production was hit-and-miss.  What is undeniable with Brennon is height and frame.  Of course it takes taller teenagers a lot longer to add muscle.  Still, Marsh is making progress.  There have been some noticable gains in Marsh’s skills and impact in the last three months.  Without shoes Brennon was measured 6-foot-6 1/2, the same as LaDarrius Chigano.







2) LaDarrius Chigano | 6’7 1/2″ PF | Calvary Christian 2020

Arriving with East TN Kings AAU, LaDarrius Chigano gave our event some needed height and strength.  Chigano lacked the basketball savvy of his peers because he picked up the game in the last two years.  The potential for growth is real, but his two remaining years are not enough to prepare him completely.  I expect Chigano will take at least one prep year or possibly attend junior college to develop his game more.

Chigano has a few people in his corner back home and look for Chigano to be a real weapon for Calvary Christian High this winter.





3) Dalton Marsh | 6’7” F | Red Boiling Springs 2020

Personally, I was most familiar with Dalton Marsh of all the bigs in attendance.  Marsh showed off a soft touch with EAB 16u last summer.  His big body deceives, making defenders think he is a immobile man.  Dalton doesn’t really have the burst up the floor to match other bigs, but he does have nice, crafty feet around the rim.  The young man can finish off a lovely runner and even beat a buzzer with it in Atlanta.







T4) Elijah Buckner | 6’6” F | Collegiate School 2021

As a member of 615 Elite AAU Elijah played with plenty of other PrepHoopsTN Combine participants before.  Buckner possesses encouring height (6’5″ without shoes).  Right now he stands a little rigid and lacks the side-to-side of a guard.  But he has a lot of physical changes to make before he stops growing.  Pursuit of the basketball by Elijah is commonplace.  He hunts down loose balls and likes to help the team in a variety of ways.




T4) Brandon Miller | 6’6” Wing | Cane Ridge 2022

Exciting prospect Brandon Miller is the only player on this list that projects favorably outside the lane.  With his mobility and handle Brandon performs like a young guard with a very realistic chance to evolve into a college 2/3.  Miller will find plenty of suitors for AAU this winter.  RSD 15u sparkled when Brandon was on the floor in 2018 and Miller was playing up a division.

Such a promising prospect in the 2022 class, Brandon Miller inspired this full player evaluation during his first impression.





T4) Brandon Solis | 6’6” C 

  Brandon is a very raw, very young prospect.  He has not played a high school basketball game yet.  Brandon stood 6-foot-6 with shoes and 6-foot-5 without.  Like the players listed above Brandon is not finished growing.  He was very shy at the event and it was difficult to get a read on what he will develop into as a player.  Look for Brandon’s coaches and future trainers/coaches to really mold his game.