Posted On: 09/4/18 6:41 PM


Top Performer 2022

Tay Indalecio 2022 5’6-Watching Tay the first thing you notice is his authority to command the lead on any team. Tay has very good pace and shows great confidence when directing his team. Has the natural born leader instinct. His game speaks for himself, this past weekend Tay showed the ability to get in the lane and finish over taller defenders with a variety of floaters, pull ups and acrobatic finishes. Along with his speed and finishing Tay has range beyond his years, pulling up after three steps across the time and knocking it down consistently. With a great deal of deception he uses great ball fakes to get others open, throwing into the post and pitching the ball ahead. He is what we call a Point Guard in every shape and from. Tay proved that he can run with anybody and any talent level. Very excited to see him progress at Inderkum High School in Natomas California.  


Top Post Players 2022

Keandre burns 6’6 2022. Keandre is a very interesting prospect very different from when I watched him a month ago. He has turned himself into one of the top young Power Forwards in the state. The first thing is that he passes the look test. At a legit 6’6 and a strong 190 pounds, he his body is showing great potential along with his game. When running the floor he has great footwork catching outside the three point line to get to the rim and finishing with authority. He is a big that likes to bang but also bring some flash to his game throwing some good passes out of the post. Uses his length to get up and block shots, he had about 6 block in a game this weekend. Keandre will do amazing for Yuba City High School.


Connor Downs 2022 6’0- At 6 feet 207 pounds Connor is a wrecking ball for defenses. With great patience and strength he gets busy in the paint. Rolls hard to the rim and finish through contact. He is also not shy about handling the ball. Grabbing rebounds and taking off down the court to finish in the lane. Don’t let his size fool you, Connor has great athletic ability and puts his slower defenders in the spin cycle. He is very good with going over his left shoulder and finishing and also using his left.


Dead Eye Shooters 2022

Zach Seymour 5’10- Zach has range! The smooth lefty stroke has the confidence to shoot from anywhere on the court and knock it down. Hands are always ready and has that readiness to let it go. To add to his game he is not just a shooter, with a fiery attitude Zach gets after it on defense. Getting his hands in passing lanes and getting in the paint and rebounding. Zach has a very good mid range shot and can guard his position. He competes on both ends and has the wind to knock down the long ball.


Brent Gill 6’0 2022- Brent has a very good stroke and his form does not change with range. He is not just a shooter, he can handle the ball and get into the lane and finish. His game excels when he has defenders running at him. With good balance and a variety of step backs and snatch backs Brent had defenders flying all over the place while he knocked down jumpers. He  hit 6-3 pointers in one half of a game this weekend. When Brent gets it going you can forget about stopping him. With a great frame he uses jab steps and body contact to get defenders away and uses just an inch of space to knock down shots.


2021- Top performer

Melton lozano 5’8 2021- Melton is the definition of a basketball player. When watching him for about 3+ games I noticed that after every score from any teammate he gives praise and picks up full court. He passes at high level and has a great knack for being open and knocking down his shots. Plays great at the 1 and 2 position and also can guard both. He thrives in the open court blowing by defenders then putting them in the spin cycle with great footwork using jump stops and pivots to get his defenders in the air and drawing fouls. Melton has a great attitude towards the game and comes and brings it each play. Comes off ball screens hard and does not play with the ball he gets right to business and makes sure his teammates are involved great up and coming guard