Sophomores With the Most to Prove


Posted On: 09/13/18 2:08 PM

We are still a month away from the start of high school practice for the 2018-19 season but it’s time to start taking a look ahead to some of the storylines heading into the season. Here’s a look at what some of our highest ranked 2021 prospects need to do this season to prove they’re for real.

  • Zion Harmon needs to prove that he can play in a slower system at Marshall County. Adair County averaged almost 77 points per game last season with Zion running the team. Their pace was always fast and they took a lot of shots while playing in transition a ton. Marshall County only scored over 70 points once all season last year and that was in a 30 point win over Murray. Assuming Harmon gets eligible to play for the Marshalls, he will need to show that he can operate in the half court in a much slower system than what he’s used to.
  • Trey James has to show he can score away from the block. At this point, the 6’10 James offense is lagging behind his defense. Trey is known for his shot blocking and rebounding but in order for him to reach his potential as a prospect, he has to start showing offense other than drop step layups and dunks. Sheldon Clark lost their leading scorer with Brady Dingess transferred to Paintsville and second leading scorer Ethan Colegrove is now at Tug Valley. Trey should get plenty of shots but hopefully he can showcase his floor stretching ability some this season.
  • Ben Johnson has to prove he can carry a Lexington Catholic team that is going to struggle scoring. Catholic graduated 5 of their top 6 scorers from a year ago and Johnson is the only returning player who averaged double figures for the Knights last season. Lex Cath always plays a tough schedule and they may take their share of lumps early this year. If Ben Johnson can step his game up to another level, he could help Catholic avoid a rough season.
  • Jaden Rogers needs to prove he can handle running a team as a sophomore. As a freshman, Rogers got to learn on the job, playing in spurts and easing into the point guard position. This time around, he will be thrown into the fire right away. Jaden had a great AAU season and needs to keep that positive momentum going for a Fern Creek program that many in Louisville will expect to take a step down this season. The Tigers will face a brutal schedule as usual and Jaden needs to be up to the challenge for Fern Creek to maintain their standard of play.
  • DaShawn Jackson has to show that he can lead a team as a Sophomore. Jackson is likely to be the best player at Douglass this season and the young roster was hit with some transfers over the course of the summer. In order for the Broncos to make strides in year two, DaShawn needs to be more assertive and show himself to be the highly ranked player he is.
  • Ce’Arius Warren needs to prove he can do more than dunk. “King” Warren thrived this summer in camp settings and AAU games. He’s a high flyer who wants to dunk everything. In order to justify his high ranking, he has to show there is more to his game than athleticism. If Ce’Arius can show improved skill level and make jump shots, he will start to look more and more like a top 5 player in the class.
  • Alijah Watts has to prove he can play under control. Watts is really good. He’s a great finisher and can knock down shots. What he struggles with right now is playing less than 100 miles per hour. Many of Watts’ mistakes are because he is out of control. Adding the ability to change speeds will elevate his game and help Alijah show he belongs among the top players in the class.
  • JaQuais Franklin has to show Elizabethtown that there is life after Darius Harding. Harding graduated as one of the better players in school history and Franklin can be better than Harding. But he will have to shoulder a heavy burden. If he can handle it, Franklin can put the Panthers back in the mix for the 5th region title.
  • Jeremiah Belton is going to need to show that a sophomore can run a team full of upperclassmen. Belton should get the keys to the LaRue County offense this season after being a backup last season. LaRue is going to be the favorite to win the 5th region and the roster is full of Juniors and Seniors but Belton is likely to be tasked with running a team full of guys older and more experienced than him. For the Hawks to get to Rupp Arena, Jeremiah will have to step up to the plate and run the team.
  • Wyatt Vieth has to show he can lead a young team. As a freshman, Vieth led St Henry in scoring and rebounding. Wyatt is one of the best sophomore prospects in northern Kentucky but he will continue to fly under the radar if his team cannot improve. If he can step up and lead a team that graduated several seniors, Saint Henry has a brighter future ahead.