Posted On: 09/2/18 3:22 PM

Greg Glenn, Fort Lauderdale

The Class of 2022 prospect has always been a bit ahead of his time on the court. As a seventh grader, Glenn’s name was circulating the basketball underworld as his wowing hops earned him credibility across YouTube and other sources.

While many have joked about needing to see his birth certificate, the incoming freshman boasts a Division-I caliber game that is no laughing matter. While he’s adept at slicing his way to the rim and finishing, Glenn’s ball handling ability is prodigious. Especially at 6-foot-6. His man-child build allows him to score on the low block. Glenn’s footwork has improved tremendously as he’s embraced the multiplicity role. Expect a memorable four year career ahead.

Given the state of today’s Division-I climate and given how coaches put a premium on hybrid forwards, stretch fours, and point forwards, Glenn’s guard skill set brings plenty of appeal to his NCAA profile. Very rare has a player in his embryonic stages thrived and flashed a game which aligns with the collegiate style.

Dante Wilcox, Oxbridge Academy

The muscle-bound 6-foot-7 forward has shown he can produce in the open floor. His wildly athletic upside and vertical explosiveness enables him to be one of the more high percentage threats in the area. He’s worked at refining his ball skills and developing a tighter handle as a combination forward.

With his upper body strength and powerful finishing on the low block, Wilcox has the chance to be a major pickup at the Division-I level. He’s underrated and not equated with the same highly-regarded status as others he’s either similar to or better than. Unless he flees from obscurity this season, he’s the type of recruit who could really fall to a lucky team that will reap the rewards of his two-way production.

Devan Cambridge, Hillcrest Prep

After putting on a show with his 30-point eruption during an entertaining duel against hotly pursued 6-foot-8 TPA guard/forward Antavion Collum in Memphis last year, it’s hard to comprehend how Cambridge is floating under the radar recruiting wise. Float is something the high-rising Class of 2019 prospect has done and done often throughout the course of his career, as he’s been able to score through his superior bounce.

The one knock on Cambridge heading into the Nashville (TN) native’s junior season was that he didn’t shoot the ball at a consistent enough clip. Cambridge answered that criticism this season, hitting 5+ treys on several occasions and displaying a vastly improved pull-up game from mid range to deep.

Aime Ciza, Scotland Campus Sports

The 6-foot-7 forward is learning how to be more efficient with his touches. A crafty left handed scorer with an adeptness at scoring around the rim at will, the Australia native has become more aggressive on the glass.

With his long reach and defensive versatility, he’s fully capable of guarding from the 1-4 at this level. The Class of 2021 prospect earned an offer from Southern Utah and should continue to generate buzz on the mid major market.

Jonas Guillaume, NTSI Orlando

The 6-foot-6 2019 point forward has established himself as a crafty finisher in the open court. He’s got the length and motor to really get out on the break and finish with a full head of stream.

Guillaume has become a dependable off the dribble scorer who can really shred defenders off the dribble and pick his spots well offensively.

James Henderson, Westminster Christian

The 6-foot-8 manchild has an aggressive style of play, an aspect that makes him a defensive backbone. He’s got length and the ability to really impact and influence shots, providing the adequate rim protection necessary. He still needs to polish up on his post game but he’s got raw athleticism and is consistent at scoring on hustle points.

He’s evolved into one of the region’s most proven and reliable rebounders. Expect him to average double digits in that category this season and have several stat sheet stuffing performances.

Mohamdou Diawara, Massanutten Military Academy (Va.)

The 6-foot-9 forward has tremendous fleet of foot and mobility at 220 pounds. He’s established his defensive versatility while playing for Boo Williams this past summer, proving he can guard multiple positions and shuffle his feet on the perimeter. He’s shown an ability to switch on ball screens and really stay in front of guards, which is certainly a plus as his recruiting begins to take off.

Diawara is a cerebral offensive player. His athleticism allows him to score with ease and get loose for shots around the rim. He’s flashed a 3-point game and is beginning to make his mid-range a livelihood.

Karim Coulibaly, SCS

The 6-foot-9 forward has a face-up game and an ability to pop out and hit the 3-pointer with consistency. Coulibaly, who has offers from Maryland, Virginia, Rhode Island, St. John’s and countless others, is known for turning up his production rate in games of higher magnitude.

With his strength and crafty scoring at 220 pounds, Coulibaly has the look of a unicorn at this level. He’s become a better ball handler and developed into a deft passer in the half-court set.