Posted On: 09/11/18 8:50 AM

The Reynolds League in Oklahoma City began on Thursday night at Santa Fe Life Center with a bang. The night featured prospects shining bright, improvement, and game winners. Prep Hoops breaks down the top performers from opening night in Oklahoma City.


Treyway 93 OKC Orange 54

OKC Green 67 Newcastle 64

OKC Blue 48 Wolfpack 71

Jordan Thompson 2020 Southmoore Point Guard (Treyway)

Thompson was the star of the night at the Reynolds League. If this young man has an ounce of room go ahead and put the points on the board. He was on fire all night from distance scoring a league-high 30 points. The crazy thing about the performance of Thompson was he did not force bad shots to get his points. Thompson scored it well but also showed why he had such a big summer throwing several great passes on the money to his teammates. Thompson projects to the NCAA Division II level with his size, quickness, and scoring ability. He is a prospect every D2 in the state is going to want to get a great look at this season.

Payton Breedlove 2019 Bridge Creek Forward (Wolfpack)

When it came to be impressive in all facets of the game on Thursday night, Breedlove was towards the top of the heap. He did a bit of everything for the Wolfpack using his long, rangy build to snag rebounds, block shots, and score tough baskets inside. The level of confidence he had in attacking the basket was sky high. Breedlove will make a nice four for an NAIA squad at the next level. He fits the KCAC Conference like a glove. The fact Breedlove has so many tools he can use in his game adds to his intrigue as a prospect.

Tyler Grove 2020 Wynnewood Guard (Wolfpack)

Grove brought his hardhat on Thursday night for the Wolfpack squad. The scrappy play he brought mixed with his knack for finding ways to score from both outside and attacking the basket were impressive. Grove is a prospect I am excited to watch over the rest of League play to get a great gauge on his game.

James Locke 2021 Carl Albert Guard (OKC Blue)

Locke is an up and coming talent in the Oklahoma City area. Despite his team struggling, Locke was able to make up ground with his scoring talents. The deadeye shot of Locke from deep makes defenders pay for giving him any room. As the opposing team started to close out more on Locke he went to a strong drive to the hoop. He is going to be a great candidate for breakout player at Carl Albert this winter.

Cade Dean 2020 Okemah Guard (OKC Blue)

As the night began he was an unknown, however, the longer I watched him play the more I enjoyed what I saw. He has a solid handle with some craftiness to his game that allows him to get open looks off of the drive to the hoop. Dean plays extremely hard, which adds a lot to his game.

Ethan Ganaway 2021 Midwest City Wing (OKC Black)

Gangway was on another level Thursday night for the OKC Black squad. The entire game he found ways to score at all three levels while also opening up looks for teammates around him. If his great scoring outburst was not enough, Ganaway capped off the night with a game-winner from near half court at the buzzer. He is a young prospect that is still learning the game. The upside of his scoring talents is something to note without a doubt.

Kalub Hunt 2020 Newcastle Wing (Newcastle)

Hunt got going early and never slowed down for Newcastle. The ball flowed through Hunt as he opened up the floor showing off his smooth jumper. Hunt has improved at driving the basketball to the rack. It is going to be exciting to see what Hunt will bring to Newcastle.

Cooper Baldwin 2020 Newcastle Wing (Newcastle)

Baldwin is a player that brings a little bit of everything to the floor for his team. On the Wing, Baldwin can score, pass, rebound, defend, and is always making great hustle plays for his team. Newcastle is going to make a jump this year and Baldwin will be a key factor in the climb. The biggest positive in his game is he can impact things so positively on the floor without having to score. Baldwin is a guy for small colleges to get to know early.

Monroe Darragh-Harris 2019 Southmoore Combo Guard (Treyway)

Darragh-Harris displayed his dazzling speed with the rock in his hands. As a Combo Guard Darragh-Harris is a high volume shooter who has long been known as a Guard that can score it well. On Thursday, Darragh-Harris surprised showing off his improvements in passing and making others around him better. He is a prospect that has continued to work on his craft.

Noah Hammons 2021 Seiling Guard (Treyway)

Hammons entered the night an unknown but left with a major impression. He seemed to always be in the right spot to slash to the basket for an easy score or pop out and knock down a big jumper. What allows him to be in the right spot is how well he moves without the ball in his hands. Hammons is going to be exciting to watch develop.

Jacob Thionnet 2019 Edmond Memorial Wing (Treyway)

Thionett was super impressive on Thursday night. The vision he has on the Wing and when he posts up on the block is phenomenal. When you hear “he makes others better around him” that is Thionett. Although his passing skills were the biggest thing that stood out on opening night in Oklahoma City, he did score the rock efficiently as well from all three levels. Thionett is going to be a beast at the NCAA Division II level.

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