Conference Preview

Posted On: 09/4/18 1:40 PM

The 5A Metro region does not feature any of the pieces that were in it the past couple of seasons. However, this region has plenty of talent moving into it. Central will lead the way as a legitimate 5A Metro region title and state champion contender. Further, there are a number of teams who could fill the third spot in the top three.

1. Central

Central brings back the vast majority of its top players from last season in which the team went .500 in 6A. The group should drop into the reformed 5A Metro region and have expectations of winning the region and competing for a state championship.

Greg Butler will play a key role in whatever success Central has. He is one of the top shooters in the state. His ability to let it fly from anywhere on the floor and do it off of the dribble and catch make him special. With a live dribble, he does a good job of creating enough space to get off his mid-range jumper.

Dominique Newsom will also be looked upon to play a bigger role for the team. He played this past off-season against some of the top competition in the nation with Team Harden on the adidas Gauntlet. He will hope that there is carry over from what he accomplished there to the 5A world.

Moreover, look for Cinsere West, Jailind Bunton, Kelyl Harrington, and Casey Clanton to be productive pieces for the team.

2. South Mountain

Despite his youth, Zay Freeney aided this group in having one of its most successful seasons that it has had in awhile. Freeney was far from afraid of the moment as he was second in scoring and led the team in assists. He made the team go and will be expected to do that and more this upcoming season.

Freeney will have help as well as this team has a strong incoming freshman group and Kyree WareKyreeWare5'11" | SGSouth Mountain | 2020StateAZ will be returning. Ware and Freeney will pair to be one of the best backcourts in 5A as well as this region. 

Fontane Ross is another prospect who could receive increased opportunities. South looks poised to make it to the state tournament after barely missing last season.

3. Carl Hayden

Carl Hayden fills in the third spot in this region. There are a couple of teams who could challenge them for this spot. However, they bring back one of the top prospects in the region in Terrence GreenTerrenceGreen6'5" | SFCarl Hayden | 2020StateAZ. Green will give them the edge in close region games due to his scoring and athleticism.

While Green is a well-known commodity, there are a number of other spots that need to be filled in order for Carl Hayden to replicate the success that they had last season. This team will be largely inexperienced and will need pieces to assimilate quickly.

Some of the guys who could fill those much needed roles include: Eduardo Alcantar and Angel Carrasco. While they wait for the rest of the pieces to come together, they will have the benefit of being able to rely on Green.