Region Preview: 4A Region 11


Posted On: 09/6/18 11:29 PM

Region 11 will feature one of the top teams in 4A and a couple of teams who will be much improved. Juan Diego is in a class by itself in this region. However, Park City and Bonneville will be much improved as they bring back a wealth of experience. This region will be much improved compared to last season and could be even better in 2 years.

1. Juan Diego

While Juan Diego lost some key prospects from last year’s team, this group brings back a core of prospects who should aid them in not only winning this region, but competing for a state championship. Raimoana Tinirauarii is the top returning prospect.

Tinirauarii is strong and able to get to wherever he wants to get to on the floor. He is a skilled prospect who has good athleticism as well. He will be the go to prospect on the team. However, he will have plenty of help.

In addition Tinirauarii, Lawson Roe and Kemari Bailey will play huge roles for this team. Roe is a knockdown shooter who is arguably the best shooter in all of 4A. Further, Bailey provides the team with one of the top rebounders in 4A. He is wide and strong with a soft touch around the rim.

Juan Diego will be youthful in other spots on their team. However, they have plenty of weapons to compete at a high level. This group is always well-coached as well.

2. Park City

While Park City did not have the best record last season, they competed with primarily underclassmen. This team will bring back plenty of experience and be ready to compete at a higher level. While this team should be excited due to the amount of talent that is returning, they still need to prove that they can win games.

Mark McCurdyNathaniel Lowe, and Alex Obradovich will be the top three returning prospects from last season. These three prospects demonstrated that they can contribute at a high level despite their youth. McCurdy was the top playmaker for the team last season as he led the group in scoring and assists. Low and Obradovich will also take on important scoring roles.

In addition to these three, Park City will have Ben Hase and Adam Spink. Expect this team to take a huge step forward this season. Further, they could be dangerous the next couple of years due to the flux of young talent.

3. Bonneville

Bonneville is another team that did not have a lot of success last season but played a lot of youthful talent. This team should be ready to take a huge leap and compete with the top teams in 4A.

There was not one prospect who necessarily stood out among the rest as they scored most of their points by committee. Kinnon Finder led the group in scoring. However, Hank BushellElijah Mason, and Tyler Hancock all did their part in contributing as well.

Between these four guys, Bonneville will have plenty of options who have all demonstrated that they can contribute at the varsity level. The next crucial step for this group is showing that they can go from competing at the varsity level to winning. With that said, they have the pieces and experience to do so.