Orem vs. American Fork 3 Takeaways

Posted On: 09/4/18 3:48 PM

Region 10 will not be as potent as it was last year with Orem and Salem Hills having a lot of firepower. However, this region will still be solid and those two teams will most likely lead the way once again. 

1. Orem

As we have stated in previous articles, the biggest question mark for Orem is in regards to Puka Nacua. With Nacua, this team has the potential to compete for a state championship. He is a game changer for this team as he brings athleticism and toughness that might be unmatched by any other prospect in the 4A world.

Ike Richards will be another key piece to the puzzle assuming Nacua comes back. He is active on the glass and provides decent size for the group. He finishes well around the rim and can score the basketball from an array of spots.

Lastly, Orem will have good length with Shem Johnson returning. Assuming Orem brings back all of their pieces, they are without a doubt a state title contender.

2. Salem Hills

Salem Hills will not be the same Salem Hills as last year. With that said, they will still compete in this region. David Jones will be the primary playmaker for the team this upcoming season.

While Jones demonstrated that he is able to make plays at the varsity level last season, he had a counterpart who aided him greatly in taking pressure off of him. Jones will not have the same type of playmaker along side him this year. Thus, it will be harder for him to make plays than it was in the past. It will be imperative that the void is filled by committee in order for Salem Hills to have a successful season.

The team brings back a number of 2020 prospects who are capable of potentially filling the void. A couple of names to look out for in this upcoming season are: Derek BurtonTy Bailey, and Carson Peterson.

3. Spanish Fork

Spanish Fork could end up making the most progress out of any team from last year to this year. While the group did not experience much success last year, they bring back some key contributors who should aid them in having an improved season this year.

One of those key contributors is Brandon Congdon. Congdon was one of the top scorers in this region last year, and he will look to repeat that effort in this upcoming season. His ability to score the basketball will be huge for Spanish Fork while the rest of the pieces come together.

In addition to Congdon, Spanish Fork will have the luxury of having another established varsity presence in Tanner Olsen. Olsen and Congdon have played in this region before and know what it takes to win games. Do not be surprised if Spanish Fork has a huge turnaround season and makes some noise in the 4A world.